Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Key Characters, Campaign Storyline, and Mission Details

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Infinity Ward has finally revealed details regarding the campaign. Here’s everything we know about MW2’s campaign.

The Modern Warfare series has always delivered fans with excellent campaigns. Infinity Ward’s production, well-written characters, and missions combine to create the perfect storyline. Subsequently, this year’s MWII seems to be no exception.

Ahead of the worldwide reveal, Infinity Ward provided many content creators with the chance to experience the gameplay hands-on. Furthermore, judging by their reactions and opinion, MWII’s campaign and gameplay seem like an improvement on the previous entry.

CharlieIntel was able to get a good look at the campaign of MWII. They revealed campaign details, including key characters, storyline, and mission details. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming campaign of MW2.

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Modern Warfare II Key Characters

Captain John “Price”

SAS Captain John Price, better known as Captain Price, is the leader of Task Force 141. Captain Price plays a significant role in the game as a beloved character. Price lives by a strong code of ethics, “We get dirty, and the world stays clean. That’s the mission.”

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John “Soap” Mactavish

Demolitions expert and sniper Soap is set to make his first appearance in MW2. This beloved character from the original Modern Warfare title will be the main protagonist in the upcoming stealth-heavy campaign missions.

Soap (Image via Call of Duty)

Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick

The protagonist of MW(2019), Gaz, was the first recruit of Task Force 141. Regarded as Price’s squire, Gaz will play a crucial role in MW2’s campaign.

Gaz (Image via Call of Duty)

Simon “Ghost” Riley

A man with no face, Ghost is the most loved character in the CoD franchise. Introduced in MW(2019) ‘s Warzone trope, the commanding brute is making a grand return in MW2 as a vital part of Task Force 141.

Ghost (Image via Call of Duty)

Colonel Alejandro “Vargas”

Colonel Alejandro Vargas of the Mexican Special Forces is the newest addition to MW2’s roster. Hailing from Mexican Special Forces, Vargas is called into the equation by Ghost. He is set to serve as a strong ally of Task Force 141 in their fight against the cartel.

Vargas (Image via Call of Duty)

Kate Laswell

CIA station Chief and Handler of Task Force 141 Kate Laswell makes her return in MW2.

Kate Laswell (Image via Call of Duty)

Graves and Shadow Company

Private military Shadow Company and Graves are making a return as allies of TF141. Functioning under the direct command of General Shephard, Shadow Company has deviated from its crooked roots shown in the previous MW titles.

Shadow Company in Dark Water (Image via Call of Duty)

Modern Warfare II Campaign Storyline

The story of MW2 starts from where they left TF141 in MW(2019). Three years later, a US airstrike kills a foreign general turning a whole foreign faction against the US Government. With the help of the CIA, TF141 is called in to sort out the situation.

We will see TF141 fight alongside Shadow Company and Mexican Special Forces against Al Qatala and the Cartel “Las Alamas.” The campaign will follow TF141 as they travel worldwide fighting various factions.

Modern Warfare II Campaign Missions

*** Spoilers Ahead ***

Dark Water

The campaign gameplay reveals that the mission follows Soap and Vargas as they take over an Oil Rig and, later on, a ship. The mission features adverse weather and strong tides cradling the ship.

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Night War

Taking inspiration from Sicario and Zero Dark Thirty, the mission follows an allied crashed helicopter at midnight. Using night-vision, players must clear enemy settlements and reach the crash site.

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Besides these missions, there is a stealth-based mission titled “Wet Works” in Amsterdam and a vehicle-based mission in Mexico that boasts the new vehicle mechanics.

The campaign was initially titled “Project Cortez.” Furthermore, the game takes heavy inspiration from Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario and the Medellin Cartel. Undoubtedly, MW2 is this year’s most anticipated game. The whole campaign storyline will be revealed with MWII’s release on October 28, 2022.

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