Modern Warfare 3: All Killstreaks Available at Launch

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Sledgehammer Games has finally revealed all the killstreaks available for players to use in Modern Warfare 3 at launch.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 follows up on Modern Warfare 2 as a direct sequel. Developed by Sledgehammer Games in collaboration with Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Raven Software, and other Activision-led studios,

The multiplayer game mode is the most played game mode for most CoDs since Black Ops 3. Modern Warfare 3 is no exception, so it is normal for Sledgehammer Games to put more focus on the multiplayer aspects, such as killstreaks and field equipment.

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What are Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3?

Killstreaks have been an integral part of every CoD game. Players earn killstreaks by going on a kill chain. These killstreaks can be used in-game to gain the upper hand on other players. Moreover, killstreaks allow players to make their playstyles vivid and help them gain control of the map.

Modern Warfare 3 All Killstreaks
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All Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3

There are a total of 23 killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 at launch. These killstreaks are achievable for both kills and scores. Here’s a list of all the killstreaks with their prerequisites:

Killstreak NameHow it WorksKills RequiredScore Required
UAVUAV recon ship that reveals enemy locations on the minimap.4 500
Mosquito DroneExplosive drone that circles the area around where the drone is launched. Dive bombs on enemies it spots and explodes.4500
Sam TurretLaunch a targeted missile strike against air vehicles.4500
Bomb DroneA remote-controlled drone with an attached C4 charge.4500
Guardian-SCA beam-shaped, nonlethal, area-denial weapon. Enemies entering the beam endure similar effects to a stun grenade, such as reduced movement speed, blurred vision, and removed UI.5625
Care PackageCall in a random killstreak care package to your location.5625
Counter-UAVA drone that scrambles all enemy minimaps5625
Cluster MineThrow a device that launches a cluster of smaller mines within the immediate area.6750
Precision AirstrikeCall in twin jets for a precision strike along the best available path.6750
Cruise MissileControl a long-range cruise missile with boost capabilities.6750
Remote TurretAn automated turret that scans for nearby enemies and fires incendiary-based rounds.7875
Mortar StrikeSignal several waves of mortars to attack a location.7875
SAECall in a trio of jets to release aerial explosives onto specified targets.7875
Juggernaut ReconJuggernaut Recon gear delivered by care package. The suit is equipped with a radar that pings nearby enemies. Contains a riot shield.81,000
Wheelson-HSA remote-controlled amphibious vehicle with auto-sentry capabilities.81,000
Overwatch HeloAn untargetable orbital UAV that reveals the enemy’s direction on the minimap in real-time.81,000
VTOL JetA remote-controlled amphibious vehicle with auto-sentry capabilities.101,250
Emergency AirdropCall in three random killstreak care packages to your location.101,250
Carpet BombCall in a bomber that releases a large line of explosives along its path.101,250
Advanced UAVControl an assault chopper armoured with a turret and air-to-land missiles.121,500
Chopper GunnerControl an assault chopper armored with a turret and air-to-land missiles.121,500
GunshipA heavy assault gunship equipped with a laser tracking missile, along with the standard 40mm and 25mm cannons.121,500
JuggernautJuggernaut assault gear delivered by care package. The minigun will drop when the Juggernaut dies.151,875

Stay frosty as we prepare for the launch of the third game of the reboot MW universe. Follow our Call of Duty guides for the best loadouts, tips, and tricks regarding Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 3.

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