Modern Warfare 3: How to Get All Campaign Rewards

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Modern Warfare 3 Campaign completion will allow players to get exclusive in-game awards in multiplayer and Warzone 2.0.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2, which follows up on the TF141 saga. The third game of the reboot saga introduces one of the most iconic CoD villains, Makarov.

While the initial release date of Modern Warfare 3 was November 10, 2023, players who have pre-ordered the game will receive campaign early access. The early access campaign is now live on all platforms across all regions.

Most players prefer the multiplayer game mode, and the campaign has remained in the limelight since CoD 4. In Modern Warfare 3, players can get in-game exclusive rewards by completing the campaign.

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How to Get All Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Rewards

Players can unlock all campaign rewards by simply completing all in-game missions. The rewards range from calling cards to blueprints and operators. These rewards can only be unlocked by completing the pre-requisite missions.

Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Rewards
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Here are all the campaign rewards and how to unlock them in Modern Warfare 3:

Exclusive RewardUnlock by Completing Mission
“Breather” Calling CardOperation 627
30 mins Double Player XP Token & 30 mins Double Weapon XP TokenPrecious Cargo
“Corso” OperatorReactor
“Ghillie Guy” Calling CardPayload
30 mins XP Token & 30m Weapon XP TokenDeep Cover
“Pathfinder” OperatorCrash Site
“Toxic Drip” Calling CardFlashpoint
1 hour Double Player XP Token & 1 hour Double Weapon XP TokenOligarch
“Doc” OperatorHighrise
“Skull Rhapsody” Calling CardFrozen Tundra
1 hour Double Player XP Token & 1 hour Double Weapon XP TokenGora Dam
“Jabber” OperatorDanger Close
Campaign Completion Emblem & Weapon BlueprintTrojan Horse

Stay frosty and lock into the combat missions in Modern Warfare 3 to get a peek into the next level of the TF141 saga.

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