Modern Warfare 2’s New Unlimited Tactical Sprint Trick

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Players have discovered a new trick that allows them to use tactical sprint for unlimited times. Here’s how to do it in-game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s open beta is coming to an end soon. With players getting their hands on the game for the first time, many new tricks and exploits have surfaced. Players have experimented with each new feature to find unique gameplay mechanics that benefit them in-game.

FaZe Crowder has found a similar trick, it involves the game’s tactical sprint. He used an in-game trick to use the tactical sprint indefinitely. The trick is not an exploit but instead taking advantage of an in-game feature.

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How to Use Tactical Sprint Indefinitely in MW2

FaZe Crowder, a coach, and pro in CDL, has revealed a trick to use bunnyhopping to use tactical sprint unlimited times. Bunnyhopping is jumping multiple times in quick succession. It is a mechanic used to traverse the map and jump clear angles in a short time.

According to Crowder, if players bunnyhop just after using their tactical sprint, they can keep refreshing their tactical sprint. This translates into quick movement throughout the map. Consequently, quick movement allows for better positioning during gunfights, especially in SnD and Hardpoint, which are important game modes for pubs and CDL.

Although, this trick is not bug abuse but a well-timed use of game mechanics. However, it is still unclear whether this trick will carry over to the main game before Infinity Ward decides to patch it out.

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