Players Slam Modern Warfare 2’s “Disgusting” UI Design

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Players are dissatisfied with Modern Warfare 2’s UI, with many people calling it “disgusting.” A Reddit thread has united players in their complaints about the new MW2 UI.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s beta is crossing its second weekend, marking the completion of the open beta. Players are expressing their satisfaction with the game’s features and mechanics, with many praising the devs for their innovative field upgrades and equipment.

However, one specific aspect of the game has brought everyone together. The UI has sparked outrage in the community. Most players and content creators are not fans of the UI, with many labeling it as “clunky” and a “major downgrade.”

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MW2’s New UI Sparks Outrage

MW2 beta UI Menu
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Modern Warfare 2’s UI looks like an upgrade aesthetic-wise. However, it is a clunky downgrade from MW’s (2019) simplified UI design. Reddit user FlowKom created a thread asking who designed this UI and pointed out the relevant issues.

Players were quick to share their similar takes on the UI design. A comment by u/SuckerforBF shared the combined feeling of the community stating how the menu was a downgrade from the previous game and didn’t suit MW2’s reputation.

Furthermore, another user highlighted the problem of UI redesigning and why devs chose to fix something that’s not broken in the first place.

MW2 beta UI menu
Image via u/callme-snow

A comment by u/soupmayne shed light on the weapon progression system and how the new UI complicates the whole process. Most players struggle to understand how the gunsmith UI works, let alone the weapon platform and receiver progression.

Most complaints are centered around the new UI and SBMM. Otherwise, the game has received the green light from most players and content creators.

The end of open beta will mark the beginning of final touches to the game before its launch on October 28. However, Infinity Ward has enough time on their hand to retouch the UI and make it simple for players to get a hold on. Stay frosty as we prepare for the launch of the most anticipated game of 2022.

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