Modern Warfare 2: How To Fix Campaign Crashing Issues

A common Campaign crashing issue has been plaguing the MW2 Community since its launch. In this article, we will be discussing what it is and how to fix it.

After much anticipation and waiting, COD: MW2 is released as a full-fledged title on October 28, 2022. Following MW’s success, players are expecting greater things from this newly released title. As a result, Infinity Ward and Activision are trying their best to deliver players what they need.

No new game’s launch goes smoothly. Likewise, MW2 is also facing tons of errors, bugs, and other issues, causing players to not enjoy the game to the fullest. When millions of players try a new game immediately after launch, things like such are expected.

However, if you’ve paid around 70 USD for MW2 and cannot play the Campaign due to constant crashes, getting pissed at the game would be a normal response. But don’t worry! By following a few simple steps, you might be able to start playing the Campaign without crashing ever again.

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Why is Your MW2 Campaign Crashing?

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign may crash on your computer due to several reasons. The first reason may be that your computer does not meet the minimum system requirement. However, even after meeting recommended system requirements, many players have reported constant Campaign crashing issues in MW2.

Credit: Activision

If that’s the case for you, it could be due to corrupted game files or a Graphics Driver issue. The latest 526.47 Nvidia Graphics Driver is reportedly causing crashes with the MW2 Campaign.

How To Fix Campaign Crashing Issues

As mentioned earlier, there can be several reasons why MW2 Campaign is crashing on your computer. If your computer does not meet the minimum system requirement, we highly suggest you upgrade your hardware for a smooth MW2 experience.

However, if your MW2 Campaign is crashing on your computer despite meeting the minimum or recommended system requirement, you should Scan and Repair your game and optimize your MW2 video settings properly.

For many users, setting the graphics settings to low has completely eliminated Campaign from crashing. However, it might not be the optimal solution for players with high-configuration PCs who want to experience the incredible visuals of MW2.

For them, we recommend you clear up about 32GB of space from your storage and enable the High Rez Assets Cache, which will let you run Modern Warfare 2 using high visuals with no crashes.

If none of the fixes mentioned above work for you, then the crash is most likely occurring due to your Graphics Driver. The latest Nvidia Driver is reportedly causing crashes, according to many players. So, it is highly recommended you revert to your old Nvidia Graphics Driver until Nvidia releases a new driver with a fix or Activision releases a hotfix addressing the crashing issue.

To roll back your Nvidia Graphics Driver:

  • Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller).
  • Extract the ZIP file and install DDU.
  • Open DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller).
  • After that, press Select device type and set it to GPU.
  • Press Clean and restart.
  • After your PC restarts, go to the Nvidia graphics driver download page.
  • Select Product type> Product series> Product> Operating system and click on Start Search.
  • A list of drivers will appear.
  • Click on Get Download for Driver Version: 522.25.
  • After it finishes downloading, install the Graphics Driver normally.
  • Restart your PC and relaunch MW2.

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Following these steps should completely prevent your MW2 Campaign from crashing. However, if you still face crashing issues after following all these steps, you should contact Activision support and wait for them to release a permanent fix for the Campaign crashing issue.

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