Mkers secures their place in R6S EU Challenger League

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
2 Min Read
Image: Ubisoft

After the second EU Challenger League open qualifier ended yesterday, Mkers have confirmed their spot in the upcoming Challenger League season.

The Italian organization of Mkers has ended up in 2nd place during the second open qualifier for European Challenger League 2021 season. Mkers has already won the 1st qualifier, and now being the runner’s up for the 2nd one, the team has acquired enough points to secure their place in Rainbow Six Siege EUCL for the first time.

In qualifier 1, Mkers took down 43rti, GC Esport, and the french roster of Imagine 11 during the grand finals. However, in qualifier 2 finals, Acend defeated Mkers 2-1 and snatched the back-to-back victories from Mkers.

But Mkers have nothing to worry about now, as with 175 total points, the team is guaranteed to finish in top five, meaning that their spot in EUCL has been confirmed.

Image: R6 Liquipedia

Mkers could’ve also qualified for EUCL by winning the PG Nationals, where they have already advanced to the grand finals. Mkers will face Outplayed next weekend in the finals, and if Mkers wins PGN, then the sixth-best Open Qualifier roster will get their “second” EUCL spot.

The Italian roster of Mkers have quickly risen to the top after winning the SI qualifers. The team beat the likes of TSM, SSG, and C9 during the group stages of Six Invitaional 2021, showing they are ready to comepete at the top stage.

Mkers will look forward to win EUCL, and book their spot in Siege’s European League for the 2022 season.

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