Metal Max Xeno Reborn: How to Recruit Pochi in Your Party

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Credit: Kadokawa Games

You’ll surely need the Paw-er of Friendship to get you through this dystopian world!

Metal Max Xeno Reborn is a non-linear action JRPG that is set in a dystopian open world. A devastating war against robotic NOA monsters has completely destroyed the world. Humanity has been driven near extinction, and there is nothing but rubble as far as your eyes can see.

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Players get to experience this journey as a monster hunter named Talis. As Talis, you must take revenge against these machines responsible for your family’s death. However, a dangerous battle like this cannot be won alone. That’s why you must be on the lookout for other survivors who can aid you in your cause.

With that being said, the companions that will join you aren’t limited to just humans. That’s because the very first friend you’ll make in the game is actually a cute dog named Pochi. However, don’t be fooled by his cuteness, as he’s more than just a mascot. In this guide, we will go over exactly how to recruit Pochi into your party and all his abilities.

Pochi: Mankind’s Best Friend

Pochi is one of the few surviving animals of this apocalypse. And perhaps he used to be a pet of one of the survivors. That’s because his cries can only be heard when you reach the deserted survivor camp in Toyomi Well. So, to recruit him to your party, you must complete the Mankind’s Best Friend subquest to rescue him from homelessness.

You’ll be heading to Toyomi Well as part of your Endangered Population Survey main quest. Upon reaching Toyomi Well, you will find that the survivor camp has been destroyed and abandoned. Right as you’re about to scout the next camp, you’ll hear the wail of an animal. This will start the Mankind’s Best Friend subquest.

How to Recruit Pochi

To complete the quest, you’ll have to track down Pochi. However, the task is easier said than done. You’ll have to follow the sound of Pochi’s cries, which will involve scouting multiple locations. As you get closer to Pochi, his cries will sound louder and clearer – indicating that you’re headed in the right direction.

First, loot the crate beside the well to find an AT missile. Install it to your vehicle and head straight from the well until you find a red unmanned tank. Take it down and advance towards the pile of debris to your left. Unfortunately, your vehicle cannot pass beyond this point, so you have to get to the other side of the debris on foot.

How to Recruit Pochi
Credit: Kadokawa Games

Cross the pile of debris and take the road to your left. The path will be crawling with giant mutated ants called Gargants. Take them down to collect ant legs, which will be important for luring out Pochi.

How to Recruit Pochi
Credit: Kadokawa Games

If you keep heading down this path, you’ll eventually reach an abandoned garage. The cries will sound louder from here. Upon inspecting closer, you’ll find an animal carcass, a feeding bowl, a fallen collar, and a chain. However, the pooch will be hiding from you. So, you have to use some food to lure it out.

Since it’s still relatively early in the game, you likely won’t have any quality dog food with you. The ant legs dropped by the Gargants will come in handy here, so go ahead and use them as bait. Now that you’ve set your bait, all you have to do is wait.

How to Recruit Pochi
Credit: Kadokawa Games

It will take some time for Pochi to warm up to you. So it’s best to pass the time by completing other quests and coming back later. Or you may head back to Iron Base and rest for a few days. When you do come back, Pochi will be right there waiting for you. The pooch will be over the moon to see a living person; so simply interact with him, and he’ll graciously join your party.

How to Recruit Pochi
Credit: Kadokawa Games

Pochi’s Skills and Abilities

Pochi's Skills and Abilities
Credit: Kadokawa Games

Pochi may not be able to fight alongside you in the traditional way like your other party members. So instead, Pochi will act as a Support character to your team and help you out when you’re in a pinch. Despite not being a playable character, Pochi will have his own skill tree. So you can teach him a variety of skills and tricks.

Pochi's Skills and Abilities
Credit: Kadokawa Games

In addition to that, he can also heal party members and debuff enemies to fulfill his role as the party’s support character. Moreover, he can also ward off enemies with a loud bark. Furthermore, you can also use Pochi to dig out items from the sand. Lastly, he can be equipped with a variety of armor and weapons suitable for his size. So he can definitely help you out in battle from time to time.

Pochi Interactions

Once you’ve rescued Pochi, he will always accompany you in your battles. However, when you’re back at Iron Base, you can always find him near the sortie or the bar. You can go near your pup to interact with it. Here’s what each interaction does:

  • Pet The Pup – lets you give your pup the warmest head rubs
  • Feed – lets you feed your pup delicious dog treats like Doggie Chow, Ant Legs, Slimy Cells, and Beast Flesh.
  • Shake – lets you teach a handshake trick to your pup. However, you have to teach him this trick over the course of several days.
  • Beg – lets you teach your pup to beg. However, you have to teach him this trick over the course of several days.

How to Level Up Pochi

Since Pochi is a regular member of your party, he will earn a slice of XP like everyone else. But he has to be alive at the end of the battle to get his share of experience points. And, the more he levels up, the more skill points he earns. You can then use those skill points to unlock various skills from his skill tree.

However, there is a faster and more efficient way of earning skill points. Pochi earns skill points every day when he’s fed. So give him lots of delicious treats every day. You can either scavenge for Doggie Chow in the open world or purchase it from the sortie shop for 2000G. However, feeding him ant legs and other treats will get the job done as well.

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