Massive Nerfs Coming To Duskblade, Rek’Sai, Naafiri & Others in Patch 13.16

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Duskblade, Rek’Sai, and Naafiri are finally getting nerfed in this patch.

The Patch 13.16 preview for League of Legends is out; from the looks of it, it is coming with some massive changes.

First of all, Riot is finally nerfing Duskblade of Drakthrr. The item has been very strong for a while. It is so strong that bruisers like Illaoi, Aatrox, and Yorick have been abusing the item. So, Riot is toning down the item while also buffing weaker Assassin items like Axiom Arc, Serpents Fang, Prowler’s Claw, and Umbral Glaive.

Furthermore, struggling champions like Caitlyn, Milio, Lulu, Brand, and Ekko are getting some buffs. In addition, Rek’Sai, Naafiri, Tristana, and Shyvana are getting nerfed on this patch.

But, most importantly, the Immortal Journey skin line is making a return with seven brand-new skins.

In this article, we will look at the nerfs coming to this patch and how these will affect the nerfed champions.

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Patch 13.16 Nerfs

Here are all the nerfs coming in Patch 13.16,

Champion Nerfs


  • Unburrowed Q Damage: 21/27/33/39/45 + 50 % Bonus AD >>> 34/38/42/46/50% TOTAL AD

Rek’Sai is currently the strongest jungler in the game. As of writing this, she has the highest win rate out of all the Junglers, with a 53% win rate, 5% pick rate, and 18% ban rate. So, Riot is nerfing her in Patch 13.16.


  • Armor: 32 >>> 30
  • Attack Damage: 57 >>> 55
  • Base Attack Speed: .688 >>> .663

Naafiri was initially on the list of nerfs for Patch 13.15. However, Riot reverted the Naafiri nerfs last second. But it seems she couldn’t escape the Nerf hammer for long, as she is getting nerfed in Patch 13.16.


  • Base Mana Regen: 7.15 >>> 6
  • W Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 >>> 70 at all ranks

It’s a little odd to see Shaco on the nerf list, given how weak Jungle Shaco is right now. But it seems the nerfs are for Support Shaco, as he is very strong in the Support role.


  • W Damage per Second: 20/32/45/57/70 + 30% Bonus AD >>> 20/30/40/50/60 + 20% Bonus AD
  • W Damage per Hit: 5/8/11.25/14.25/17.5 + 7.5% Bonus AD >>> 5/7/9/11/13 + 5% Bonus AD

Shyvana has been very strong ever since her buffs in Patch 13.14. Even after Riot nerfed her the next patch, she remained strong. So, on Patch 13.16, Riot is nerfing her yet again.


  • Health: 670 >>> 640
  • Magic Resist: 30 >>> 28
  • Armor: 26 + 4.2 >>> 30 +4.5

Although not that strong in Solo-Queue, she remains one of the strongest picks in professional play.

System Nerfs

Duskblade of Drakthrr

  • Missing Health Damage: 20% >>> 18%
  • Cooldown: 10s >>> 30s

Duskblade has been outperforming quite a bit, especially compared to the other Lethality Mytic items. Not only that, the items have been a go-to pick for non-assassin champions like Illaoi, Aatrox, Yorick, etc. Thus, Riot is nerfing some of its power on Patch 13.16.

Release Date

The aforementioned nerfs will arrive at the live servers in Patch 13.16, which will be released on Wednesday, Aug 16, 2023.

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