Marvel Snap: How to Get the Galactus Card

Marvel Snap has a lot of cards for you to choose from and play. Galactus is one of them. Here is how you can unlock this card.

Marvel Snap is a deck-building card game where you collect cards of various characters from all the Marvel properties. You have characters from the movies and also from the comics. This game has characters from X-men too.

The gameplay is pretty satisfying too. You have three different locations you place your card on. Each location can give out a different type of buff or nerf your cards. The locations also change every match. This keeps the game interesting and adds an extra layer of strategy to everything.

With the game having so many cards, it can be daunting to get into the game. But the game does a pretty good job of introducing itself. With that being said, here is how you can unlock Galactus Card in Marvel Snap.

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How to unlock Galactus in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap has a system that lets the player get all the cards by playing. This is a great system to have, but it also has some drawbacks. One of that is the randomized nature of the cards you get. Each few collection levels, you will get a new card. But the card is randomized. So the only way to get a Galactus card is to keep playing, and if you are lucky, you will get it sooner rather than later.

Another way to get a Galactus card is to buy one from the shop. The shop refreshes randomly every couple of hours. So if the shop has his card, you can buy it directly from the shop, provided you have enough gold to buy the card.

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