All Marvel Snap Cards

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card game where you collect different characters from all the marvel comics and play those cards to win against your opponent. Here are all the cards you can find in the game.

Marvel Snap is a marvel comics-based card game. In this game, you have a bunch of cards. First, you need to make a deck out of them. Then you can take the deck to fight other players in an online match. Each match has six rounds making the games go a lot faster than similar card games of the genre.

Marvel Snap adds its own spin to the card game. Each match has three separate locations where you can place your cards. On each turn, a location-based effect is added to each location up to turn three. This makes you think and change up your strategy significantly, making the game more fun.

No card game is complete without a collection of cards. Marvel Snap also has a lot of cards you can choose from and use. Here are all the cards you can get in Marvel Snap.

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Marvel Snap All Cards Based on the Pool

In case you didn’t know, Pool is a collection of cards in Marvel Snap. There are three different pools in the game. When you start the game, you are put into Pool 1, the starting pool. This Pool has 46 unique cards you can find.

As you play and progress through the game, you will upgrade your collection level and unlock all the cards. At collection level 214, you will complete collecting all the cards from Pool 1. Then you will be moved to Pool 2 until you reach collection level 474.

Pool 3, the game’s final pool, starts at level 475. But, of course, before you reach pool 3, you will get all the cards from pools 1 and 2. And as of right now, pool 3 doesn’t have an endpoint. So it is up to your luck when you will complete the 3rd pool collection.

All the Cards in Pool 1

Pool 1 has a total of 46 cards for you to collect. These are all the cards you can find in Pool 1 of Marvel Snap sorted in alphabetical order:

  1. America Chavez
  2. Angel
  3. Angela
  4. Apocalypse
  5. Armor
  6. Bishop
  7. Blade
  8. Cable
  9. Captain America
  10. Carnage
  11. Cosmo
  12. Deathlok
  13. Devil Dinosaur
  14. Doctor Strange
  15. Domino
  16. Elektra
  17. Enchantress
  18. Forge
  19. Groot
  20. Heimdall
  21. Hulkbuster
  22. Iron Fist
  23. Klaw
  24. Korg
  25. Kraven
  26. Lady Sif
  27. Lizard
  28. Mantis
  29. Mister Sinister
  30. Moon Girl
  31. Morph
  32. Multiple Man
  33. Namor
  34. Nova
  35. Onslaught
  36. Professor X
  37. Rocket Raccoon
  38. Scarlet Witch
  39. Spider-Woman
  40. Squirrel Girl
  41. Strong Guy
  42. Sword Master
  43. Uatu the Watcher
  44. White Queen
  45. Wolverine
  46. Yondu

All the Cards in Pool 2

Pool 2 only has 25 cards you can collect. But they are pretty good and worth collecting. These are all the cards you can find in Pool 2 of Marvel Snap sorted in alphabetical order:

  1. Agent 13
  2. Bucky Barnes
  3. Cloak
  4. Ebony Maw
  5. Hobgoblin
  6. Iceman
  7. Jubilee
  8. Killmonger
  9. Leech
  10. Morbius
  11. Nakia
  12. Okoye
  13. Rhino
  14. Sabretooth
  15. Sandman
  16. Scorpion
  17. Shang-Chi
  18. Storm
  19. Sunspot
  20. Swarm
  21. The Collector
  22. The Infinaut
  23. Vision
  24. Vulture
  25. Warpath

All the Cards in Pool 3

Pool 3 has the highest number of cards in the game. This Pool has a total of 75 different cards. These are all the cards you can find in Pool 3 of Marvel Snap, sorted in alphabetical order:

  1. Adam Warlock
  2. Aero
  3. Agatha Harkness
  4. Arnim Zola
  5. Baron Mordo
  6. Beast
  7. Black Bolt
  8. Black Cat
  9. Black Widow
  10. Brood
  11. Captain Marvel
  12. Cerebro
  13. Colleen Wing
  14. Crossbones
  15. Crystal
  16. Dagger
  17. Daredevil
  18. Deadpool
  19. Death
  20. Debrii
  21. Destroyer
  22. Doctor Doom
  23. Doctor Octopus
  24. Dracula
  25. Drax
  26. Electro
  27. Falcon
  28. Gambit
  29. Ghost Rider
  30. Giganto
  31. Goose
  32. Green Goblin
  33. Hazmat
  34. Hela
  35. Hellcow
  36. Human Torch
  37. Invisible Woman
  38. Jane Foster
  39. Juggernaut
  40. Kingpin
  41. Leader
  42. Lockjaw
  43. Magik
  44. Magneto
  45. Maximus
  46. Mister Negative
  47. Mojo
  48. Moon Knight
  49. Mysterio
  50. Mystique
  51. Omega Red
  52. Patriot
  53. Polaris
  54. Psylocke
  55. Quake
  56. Quinjet
  57. Red Skull
  58. Rescue
  59. Rockslide
  60. Rogue
  61. Ronan, the Accuser
  62. SERA
  63. Spider-Man
  64. Taskmaster
  65. The Hood
  66. Thor
  67. Typhoid Mary
  68. Ultron
  69. Venom
  70. Viper
  71. Wasp
  72. Wave
  73. Wong
  74. Yellow Jacket
  75. Zero

These are all the Marvel Snaps cards you can get in the game. There is no telling which card you will unlock first since it is randomized, but as long as you are playing the game, you will be able to collect all the cards eventually.

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