Overwatch 2: How To Play Lucio Guide

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Everything you need to know about Lucio, one of the best healers in Overwatch 2.

Lucio is a DJ hailing from Brazil. In addition to having the talent to make catchy and unique beats and music, he can also support his teammates. In fact, Lucio is one of the game’s best heroes and healers.

For team-based shooters like Overwatch 2, having a healer in your team is very important. They are in charge of keeping your team alive and standing against all enemy attacks. While they can also attack from the back lines, their ability is focused on supporting. Likewise, Lucio has excellent healing and supporting, and movement abilities. Furthermore, Lucio is also a very versatile and unique hero in Overwatch 2, which makes him a fan favorite from the start of Overwatch. If you know how to play with him, Lucio is enough to fulfill the team’s support and healing needs.

On the other hand, Lucio is easy to grasp and learn but hard to master in the game, thanks to his fast-paced gameplay style. However, you’ll learn soon below. Hence, this guide will outline and take you through everything you need to know about Lucio in Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch 2: Lucio Profile and Ability Overview

Overwatch 2 Lucio
credits: Blizzard

Lucio is the only healer in the game who has excellent mobility, even as a healer. Combine it with his passive healing or speed boosting. As a result, he can focus on attacking as well. Furthermore, Lucio can ride walls with great speed, allowing him to cover short distances. When this is used with his speed boost, Lucio becomes ridiculously agile and a challenging target for enemies.

He uses his Sonic Amplifier gun to shoot sound waves in bursts. Alternatively, he can also use this gun to shoot out a sonic wave to push back enemies.

His passive healing can be switched back and forth at will to speed bosting, which is crucial when playing with an attacking mindset. His abilities also allow him to boost speed and healing temporarily, and his ultimate grants everyone within his radius immense health boosts. Enough to turn around a losing battle.

His versatility makes him a great asset and sometimes more helpful than other healers in the game. Beginners trying to learn the ropes of healer can use Lucio to adapt to the game and the healer playstyle easily and have great fun.

  • Primary Attack: Sonic Amplifier
    • Fires projectiles with a 4-burst shot. It does 20 damage and has 20 ammo per reload.
  • Ability 1: Soundwave
    • Create a short-range sound blast wave to knock enemies away from you.
    • It does 25 Damage and has a 4-second cooldown.
  • Ability 2: Crossfade
    • Switches between two songs: granting healing and speed boost for the team passively.
    • Healing song heals 16 health/ second
    • Speed song increases movement speed by 25%
    • No cooldown or limit.
  • Ability 3: Amp It Up
    • Healing song increased to 52 health/ second.
    • Speed song increased to 60% boost in movement speed.
    • 12-second cooldown and 3-second duration.
    • You can use Crossfade to switch between songs while Amp It Up is active.
  • Passive: Wall Ride
    • Ride walls with raised movement speed than standard movement.
  • Ultimate Ability: Sound Barrier
    • It grants substantial temporary health to nearby allies within a radius.

Sonic Amplifier

Overwatch 2 Lucio
credits: Blizzard

Sonic Amplifier is his primary weapon. A speaker or microphone shoots slow-moving sound waves in bursts, each doing 20 damage. Hence, a total hit can do 80 damage to anyone. The slow speed of the projectiles balances this; agile players can dodge them. But if you can master your movement with Lucio, you can quickly eliminate low-health enemies and avoid attacks.

Furthermore, since Sonic Amplifier has no damage drop-off, it can be used to hit and displace enemies from afar. Especially snipers.


Overwatch 2 how to play Lucio
credits: Blizzard

Soundwave can be used to defend, attack, and disperse enemy formations. Soundwaves shoot a short-range sound wave that knocks back enemies a lot and does 25 damage. Use this when you cannot win against an enemy to push them back and make your escape. Or you can use it while pushing sites and creating gaps between enemy team members. Especially healers.

However, the most fun use of this ability is to push off enemies across cliff ledges and open grounds and make them fall into the abyss for an instant kill.


Crossfade is Lucio’s primary supporting ability, and it is also passive. Therefore, you don’t have to aim for specific targets to heal or speed them up. Instead, quickly switch between healing or speed boosting depending on the situation, but be wary of obstacles or barriers as they will block Crossfade’s effects.

Amp It Up

Overwatch 2 Lucio Guide
credits: Blizzard

Amp it Up is another supporting ability that boosts the effects of both modes of Crossfade. This means you can increase the healing rate and speed up your teammate by 65%. Combine Amp It Up with Crossfade for maximum utilization of your supporting potential.

Wall Ride

Jump onto walls and slide along them with great speed. Use a wall ride to increase your movement speed and jump height. Hence, Wall Ride can help you quickly escape, cover long distances or hold the objective by jumping around walls and dodging enemy fire.

You can become invulnerable when combined with Amp It Up and either healing or speed boost.

Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier gives a 750 health increase for a short time of 6 seconds. However, it decreases slowly within this time. Moreover, Sound Barrier will be applied to all team members within a 30-meter radius.

The Sound Barrier Ultimate ability gives you and your team a second life, especially during do-or-die moments. On the other hand, Sound Barrier’s defenses can block out different ultimate abilities like Reaper’s, Cassidy’s, Pharah’s, Soldiers, and much more.

Useful Tricks, Strategies, and Combos for Lucio in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Lucio Guide
credits: Blizzard

Master the Wall Ride

Wall Riding will be your best friend playing as Lucio in Overwatch 2. Practice and master and learn maps to know all the corners and walls. But don’t stray too far from your team.

Enemies will target healers, more so when it’s a Lucio. So jump around the map to confuse them and dodge their attacks while your teammates pick them off. At the same time, they are getting healed. This is what makes Lucio an incredible support Hero.

Know When To Switch Crossfade

Knowing when to switch Crossfade from healing to speed boost and vice-versa. Don’t just keep pressing the button; in the end, neither healing nor speeding up can be done efficiently.

Switch to the speed song when you have to push with your team, or help a member or yourself to escape. Switch to the healing song when you’re on the objective to heal everyone around you.

Moreover, combine healing and speeding up to aid mobile heroes like Genji or D.Va to penetrate enemy lines or perform a hit-and-run.

Use Speed Boost To Keep Tanks Agile

Since most Tanks are slower than any other heroes, use your speed song to quickly escort your tanks to the objectives or push the enemy.

Boop Opponents With Soundwave

Maps like Nepal and Ilios use Lucio’s Soundwave to blow away enemies from edges and out of the map. This results in instant elimination and can be done on multiple enemies simultaneously.

Don’t Shy Away From Attacking

Lucio’s gun is a powerful weapon. It can be used to damage from long distances and also does good headshot damage. Since Lucio heals passively keeps attacking enemies, especially opponent healers and snipers. This also charges your ult meter.

Team Up with Single Target Healers

Lucio’s passive and AOE healing is balanced by his slow healing rate. Therefore, Lucio alone sometimes is not enough when your team gets overwhelmed. On the other hand, you cannot leave the whole team vulnerable, trying to focus on healing one player.

Balance it by having focused healers like Ana, Mercy, Kiriko, or Moira. Their quick healing can rescue members on the brink of death but away from your range and reinforce the defenses. At the same time, these healers can also be healed by Lucio.

How to Play Lucio: Combos and Counters of Lucio in Overwatch 2

Thanks to its versatility, you have now realized Lucio is an amazing hero in Overwatch 2. Due to his supporting nature, he can team up nicely with a few heroes to make an unstoppable duo.

He’s playstyle and combination of abilities make him notably stronger against some heroes while very weak against others.

Hero Combos for Lucio in Overwatch 2

  • All Tanks: Lucio complements well with tanks. Some more than others. The best ones are D.Va, Zarya, Reinhardt, and Winston. Zarya and Reinhardt can use their shields to quickly advance when used alongside speed and then heal boost to support them while they attack. On the other hand, use the same plan with Winston and D.Va but aid them as they jump into enemy territory, weaken them from the back, and help them escape.
  • Brigitte: Speed boost on Brigitte gives her a significant boost in her capabilities. She can then attack faster, move faster with her shield, and in turn, allow her to use her healing more.
  • Reaper: Reaper heals himself and is also very slow except for his wraith form. When in a tight spot, Lucio can give him a good healing boost, making it hard to take out Reaper as he keeps attacking as well.
  • Genji: Lucio’s healing, attacking, and speed-boosting combos greatly with Genji’s playstyle of hitting and running away. Since Genji has less health, Lucio by his side gives him enough time to recuperate before ambushing.

Counters for Lucio in Overwatch 2

  • Sombra: Sombra is the best counter to Lucio. Her hack makes you completely useless; she can pick you off instantly.
  • Symmetra and Torbjorn: Symmetra’s and Torbjorn’s turrets, when placed at the correct locations, can drain your health considerably and rapidly if you can’t escape in time.
  • Winston: Winston’s weapon doesn’t require aiming, and he can also cover large distances. Winston can quickly eliminate Lucio by just being close to him. You won’t be able to do significant damage to him.
  • Moira: Like Winston, Moira can easily pick off Lucio by pressing the attack button. Moira’s orbs can also stop you from escaping.
  • D.Va: D.Va’s combination of attacks and high mobility makes her a good counter for your Lucio. She will charge towards you, guns blazing and shields up.
  • Roadhog: Roadhog’s weapons are potent at close range and can do considerable damage from mid-range. But he can pull you towards him with his hook chain to knock you out in one shot.

Lucio’s Strengths in Overwatch 2

credits: Blizzard
  • Reaper: Reaper is only effective in close-range combat. Lucio can easily avoid facing Reaper in close range and attack him from afar and wall riding. Lucio’s ultimate can also negate Reaper’s, Death Blossom.
  • D.Va: D.Va can easily take out Lucio regarding head-to-head fighting, but D.Va also lacks in longer ranges, and her attack can hit multiple targets. Lucio can heal them altogether.
  • Genji: Both Genji and Lucio are highly mobile and can evade attacks. You can easily escape safely if you outplay Genji with wall riding and jumping. Importantly, his Dragonblade can be negated with Lucio’s ult.
  • Sigma: Sigma’s attacks hit multiple players in a poke manner. Lucio’s AOE healing ensures everyone is healed quickly to withstand his primary attack.
  • Widowmaker: Use Lucio’s primary fire to harass Widowmaker from afar. Since this has no damage drop-off aiming for headshots can take her out effortlessly.
  • Zenyatta: Zenyatta is one of the slowest heroes in the game. Your rapid movement and attack can quickly take him out. But he’ll mostly be at the back, so only do it if you can afford to leave your team alone. Furthermore, Zenyatta will use his ult to push with his squad and attack with all their might. To counter it with your Sound Barrier.

That is all there is to know about Lucio in Overwatch 2. If you’re looking to play support, now you know one of the best ones to pick.

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