Overwatch 2: A Complete Orisa Guide

Check out what the developers have done to Orisa in Overwatch 2 in our guide below.

There have been major changes in the gameplay of Overwatch 2, bringing new characters along with old ones tweaked a little for its fans. Moreover, in Overwatch 2, all modes now will have up to 5 players over the 6 players in Overwatch. Due to this shift, the meta has changed, and they have changed characters to play different roles at once.

Orisa has been one of the prime Tanks in the game since the original Overwatch; however, she has been changed to adjust to the new meta.

If you are wondering what the changes are and how you should play her, below we have made a complete guide regarding Orisa in Overwatch 2.

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A Complete Overwatch 2 Orisa Guide

The biggest changes in Orisa lie in her abilities; she has more offensive abilities now than ever. There have been a few gameplay changes, like shifting from 6v6 to 5v5 in every mode. In Overwatch, Orisa was used to being a bunker Tanker and letting no one come behind her shield. However, there have been new changes to her abilities, and you can check them out below:

Orisa Abilities

  • Passive Ability: Just like the Other tanks, Orisa cannot be knocked down by using abilities, and enemies will generate less Ultimate charge from her.
  • Energy Javelin: This is a new alternative fire for Orisa, which will stun anyone it hits and does additional damage when you hit it in a wall.
  • Javelin Spin: This is one of her new abilities which allows her to destroy any kind of projectiles coming at her. As she spins the spear, her speed will increase when she moves forward, and this will allow her to knock back any enemy she hits.
  • Fortify: This ability allows you to go ham on your enemies and give your team a good chance at capturing an objective. Fortify will last for around 4.5 seconds, and Orisa will take 40% reduced damage from any attack. Her HP also increases to 125, and she gets a 50% Reduction in Fusion Diver’s heat generation.
  • Terra Surge: She will spin her Javelin around to try to pull all enemies around, and give off an area effect blast.

How To Play Orisa

Due to her rework and ability changes, there is a whole new way you will need to play Orisa in Overwatch 2. Even though she is considered a Tank, she only has an HP of 100. She can be a great character if you use her well with your teammates. On her own, Orisa is good as dead. But Orisa can be best used in Overwatch 2 when you make you use her a brawler who initiates attacks.

Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

She can take the focus off her teammates and give you the push you need to achieve the objective. Orisa does not have a shield as she did before; however, she does have two defensive abilities. Using the Javelin and Fortify, you can defend yourself and attack simultaneously. Remember to ask your support to heal you as you take damage while activating Fortify, not to die while attacking.

Also, use your Energy Javelin to stun an enemy or target it at any Shield to deal massive amounts of damage. The Javelin is also perfect to be used against Roadhog, Bastion, Cassidy, and Pharah when using their Ultimate. Orisa can be a very good character if you use her well in Overwatch 2. Her rework has made her an All-rounder now in the game.

Team Mates to use Orisa with

Since you will use Orisa to initiate attacks and take most of the damage while doing them. You will need support like Lucio and Zenyatta to be in the game to give you both speed and healing. Ana and Baptise can play the same role, too, in that regard. However, Mercy and Moira will not be a good choice with Orisa. On the damaged end, you can take Flankers like Tracer, Genji, and Sombra, who can focus on killing the enemy and take the damage for them.

All Orisa Counters

We talked about why Orisa is the best in our Orisa Overwatch 2 guide so far. Although the bigger question remains about what you will do if the enemy team picks her up. The characters you can pick up to counter her are Reinhardt, Zarya, Doomfist, Cassidy, Mei, Soldier: 76, Symmetra, Zenyatta Reaper, Genji, Sombra, Bastion, Lucio Widowmaker, and Pharah. Since in close counters, Orisa can be very strong, the best option against her is attacking from a distance, and these characters can do that best.

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