Marvel Snap: How to Get the Enchantress Card

Enchantress is one of the cards in Marvel Snap. Since the game has a lot of cards, here is how you can unlock this one.

Marvel Snap is a card game where you can build your deck using different cards of the marvel characters. Each of the cards has its own cost, attack power, and special abilities. You need to make your deck in a way so that it synergizes with each other.

The game has a lot of cards for you to use and make a deck from. And on top of that, you can unlock everything just by playing the game. But depending on your luck, it will take various amounts of time to do so.

One of the cards is called Enchantress. It is a pretty good card to have and use in your deck. Here is how you can unlock it.

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How to Unlock Enchantress in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap kind of has a loot box element when it comes to cards. Every couple of levels, you will get to unlock a card. But there is no guaranteed way to get one single card out of the whole pool. But the good thing is, you will never get any duplicate cards.

So the only way to unlock Enchantress is by playing the game. You will get to unlock the card randomly while playing the game. But another way you can unlock it is from the shop. The shop refreshes every couple of hours and gets cards randomly. If the Enchantress is in the shop, you can buy it to unlock her, provided you have enough gold to buy it.

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