Mario Strikers Battle League: How To Change Stadium Cosmetics

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Next Level Games

You can change the whole stadium decoration with just some steps! Isn’t it exciting that you can update your stadium cosmetics in Mario Strikers Battle League? This guide will show you the path to change stadium cosmetics.

Mario Strikers Battle League not only gives you the ultimate excitement to play soccer with your favourite characters, but also the game gives you the full freedom of customization of your characters and gears. You can also customize the full stadium, goal posts, and much more!

If you own a club, you can change your stadium according to your club’s inspiration and uniform. It will boost your confidence more when you play in that stadium made with your decoration. In addition, your decorum will talk a lot about your club.

Changing the stadium cosmetics is not a hard task, but it is not easy. Therefore, you must stay put and keep your patience level high to unlock this stadium customization feature more quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

Mario Strikers Battle League: How to Change Stadium Cosmetics
Credit: Next Level Games

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How To Change Stadium Cosmetics

You change the following five items as the stadium cosmetics, which you can choose anytime. They are:

  1. Goals
  2. Fence
  3. Field
  4. Goal Line
  5. Stadium Theme

To change the Stadium Cosmetics, you may follow the steps below:

Strikers Club

To change the stadium decoration, you first have to go to the Strikers Club option and then to the Stadium menu.

Mario Strikers Battle League: How to Change Stadium Cosmetics
Credit: Diamond Lobby


After entering the Stadium option in Strikers Club, you can unlock your stadium if you have one. Then you may use Bolts to upgrade the five sections of each stadium and decorate them as you desire. Bolts are treasure-like items like Coins in this game which you can use to purchase items.

Mario Strikers Battle League: How to Change Stadium Cosmetics
Credit: Diamond Lobby ( YT )

Be A Club Owner

You can change the stadium’s cosmetics if you are the club owner of any club. And you may also take your club members’ vote on the changes to the stadium.

Club Manager

If you don’t own any club, it is fine too. You can still vote on the changes on the cosmetics of the stadium and request the Club Manager to change them accordingly.

If you follow the tips above and use Bolts accordingly, you can surely change your stadium cosmetics instantly!

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