Lucian’s win rate is dropping even with the recent buff in patch 10.11

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Even with the recent buff in patch 10.11, Lucian’s win rate has dropped by around 1.30% in the current patch.

For the last couple of patches, Riot Games has been focusing on ADCs. In order to return ADC’s carry potential, Riot rebalanced the AD carry champions on patch 10.11 which included base HP buff and some scaling buffs.

On that patch, Lucian got a scaling buff where they increased his passive second auto crit damage bonus to 100%. Before the buff, Lucian had around 48.39% win rate and after the buffs, on paper, his win rate should increase even a little bit. But, based on the patch 10.11 win rates it is completely opposite. In spite of increasing, Lucian’s win rate dropped to 47.08% which is around 1.31% lower than in patch 10.10.

Currently, players have been playing him in three different roles Top, Mid, and ADC. But apparently, his win rate in Top and Mid lane has also dropped significantly. Lucian now only has a 44% win rate in the mid lane with a 2% pick rate, which might not be as low as Volibear’s win rate but still very low.

Kalista, Tristana, and Vayne were among the other champions who also got scaling buffs in patch 10.11 along with Lucian. And, surprisingly all other them are also having the same fate as Lucian where their win rates are dropping as well.

League of Legends communities are also showing their concerns regarding his win rate drop even after a buff. A League of Legends player said, “Man Lucian is straight trash all-around right now”. And replying to that comment other players explained he is in a bad spot right now because of his range where he has to go very near to his opponents to deal enough damage which is very much unlikely against some bruisers, assassins, or some mages.

Although Riot Games has no intention of buffing Lucian on patch 10.12, if his win rate continues to drop like this he is very likely to receive more buffs in the coming patches.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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