LPL Power Rankings After Week 3 and Upcoming Key Matches

LPL has been ongoing since January 9th and it has been very exciting. With that said, we bring to you our Weekly Power Rankings going into Week 3.

LPL 2021 Spring Split has been great so far and there are a few surprises at the top of the table. Having said that, our weekly power rankings have changed based on the results the past week. Disclaimer: Our Power Rankings does not include today’s matches so their records are counted as of yesterday.

Weekly Power Rankings

Team WE and EDG continue to be at the top. FPX and RNG stay strong while Suning drops. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. Team WE

WE continues their strong run in the past week beating LNG and TT. The entire team has been playing extremely well with Shanks being a standout as a rookie. They look like one of the top teams in the LPL this split so far and are not showing any signs of slowing down. With a 5-0 record, they are the best in the LPL at the moment.

2. EDward Gaming

EDG is not far from WE. They beat JDG handily and will face TT today. EDG has looked impressive with new additions, Viper and Flandre popping off. They are playing with more of a scaling and traditional playstyle relying on Viper or Scout to be the main carry. So far, Viper has stepped up to the challenge and has been the main carry this EDG team needed. WE vs EDG will be a fun match when they face off against one another.

1 3. FunPlus Phoenix

After that close loss to EDG the past week, FPX bounces back strong by beating Suning and RW. Nuguri has been awesome the past week and LWX has also been a huge asset to the team. Bo will be replacing Tian as Tian decided to take a break due to medical issues. However, FPX still looks strong without him and is one of the top 3 teams in the LPL.

1 4. Royal Never Give Up

RNG had a relatively strong week as well. They beat OMG and have 3 wins so far in the season. The team as a whole has been performing well. They dropped one spot in the power rankings not due to their own performance but rather FPX having a better week against better opponents. RNG is still a very strong team and has one of the best mid to late game in the LPL. It will be interesting to see what the team does when they play better competition.

3 5. Victory Five

V5 continues their strong start by beating RW this week. Weiwei is having a great split so far and Mole and ppgod have been other strong points of the team. They signed Aodi who has played for them and Trigger has played a few games for them as well. It looks like they want to use two top laners going forward with Aodi and Langx. Also, Trigger and y4 may also be subbed from time to time. Still, the team should be strong going forward with their main carry in Mole playing as he has been and Weiwei continuing on the split he has had so far.

6. LNG Esports

LNG remains where they are in the power rankings spot with a loss against a surging WE. The team still has strong points going forward with Tarzan as the main facilitator. The team as a whole has been playing well. They will look to bounce back in this week to cement themselves in the top 6 of the LPL.

2 7. Invictus Gaming

IG had a rough week 1 and bounced back in week 2 with a win vs eStar. Xun has been great for them and Wink has played well so far. Their coach Along has had more time with the team and they have looked more organized in their match against eStar. Whether that trend continues will be one to keep an eye on going forward. So far, they look like a decent team with room to improve.

2 8. Top Esports

TES like IG also had a rough week 1. In Week 2, they beat a lackluster LGD in a convincing fashion to build some momentum and confidence going forward. JackeyLove is playing well and Zhuo has brought in some aggressiveness to the team. It is taking a bit of time for them to gel and they will be fearsome when they do work in unison.

2 9. JD Gaming

JDG lost badly to EDG in this week. Despite that, they are still a talented team. Mystic is yet to join with the team and Yagao has been playing more games than xiye so far. Zoom and Lvmao have been the main strong points of the team with Kanavi being one of the main carries of the team. With more time, they will figure out they best lineup and will make the playoffs.

2 10. Bilibili Gaming

After losing to V5 in week 1, they bounce back by beating Rare Atom. Meteor has been their driving force and Zeka has performed well. The team plays well in the early game and tends to snowball games they can. However, they are still fairly untested with them not playing many of the stronger teams in the league yet. That will be something to watch with BLG going forward.

3 11. Rare Atom

After their 0-1 start in week 1, they beat Suning but lose to BLG in week 2. Its hard to judge where Rare Atom stands given Suning is in a slump at the moment and BLG is still an unknown as well. FoFo has to be their main carry going forward if they want to make progress in the split.

1 12. eStar

eStar looked good last week and lost to iG this week. This team has looked good in many games and are going to be on the uptick. H4cker has been great and irma, zs, and rat have been improving. They will be a competitive opponents for teams around the same standings as them and will be vying for a playoff spot.

8 13. Suning

Suning has extremely struggled in week 2. Not only do they lose to Rare Atom, but they also lose badly to FPX. There is something clearly wrong with the team despite huanfeng getting off to a strong start in week 1. They need to pick back up or they might miss the playoffs at this rate. SOFM needs to step up with teams focusing harder on Bin and the bot lane. SwordArt leaving has dented the team quite a bit.

1 14. Rogue Warriors

RW had a rough week as well. They lost to V5 and FPX and are struggling despite that one win vs TES. It looks like their win was an anomaly and they need to pick back up to make any noise in the league.

15-17. LGD, OMG and TT

These three teams LGD, OMG, and TT are interchangeable in the power rankings between the spots 15th, 16th, and 17th. Neither team has had great performances in week 2 and they clearly seem like the bottom three teams in the LPL. There is not much to say about them other than possibly improving to compete later on in the split.

Must Watch Matches this Week

There are some key matches to watch this week and here they are:

  • RNG vs V5 (Tuesday): RNG and V5 should be a great contest and a way to figure out the standings for both teams at the top.
  • RNG vs WE (Friday): Red hot WE faces against a strong team in RNG. Should be a fun match.
  • FPX vs IG (Saturday): IG will look to gain some momentum and topple over one of the top teams to remind people of how good they are. On the other hand, FPX will want to keep their winning momentum and catch up to the very top of the league.
  • TES vs JDG (Sunday): A keystone match between two rivals of last year where both teams have pushed themselves to the distance in every series last year. A great game to watch on Sunday.

LPL continues on with more action-packed matches in the Spring Split 2021.