LoR Path of Champions: New Weekly Adventures – How To Unlock & Rewards

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot Games have added a new type of adventure to Path of Champions called Weekly Adventures. Here’s everything you need to know.

There are many types of game modes in Legends of Runeterra, one of the most beloved is the Path of Champions.

The Path of Champions is the single-player (PvE) game mode of Legends of Runeterra. In this game mode, you pick a starting champion, choose a location on the overworld map, and progress through the level as you earn rewards and XP. You can grow, level up, and upgrade your deck as you move up the ranks, similar to various roguelike games.

Before the new expansion, there weren’t any good rewards you could get from playing the Path of Champions mode. The only rewards you could get mainly were from daily or event quests. In addition, if you finished the Path of Champions already, there isn’t any new content to grind for in this specific mode. But in this new expansion, they are adding a new type of adventure called Weekly Adventures.

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Weekly Adventures

Weekly Adventures is a new challenge mode for the Path of Champions mode. As the name suggests, it’s a weekly mode. This challenge will change every week. They also have 3 different types of difficulties that players can pick. Once picked, players will face randomly generated enemies from pre-existing adventure maps with added Mutators to keep things fresh.

There are currently 3 types of Weekly Adventures:

  • Starlight Portal
  • Shadow Portal
  • Dark Star Portal

How To Unlock Weekly Adventures

  • Starlight Portal: You can unlock Starlight Portal at adventure level 6.
  • Shadow Portal: You can unlock Shadow Portal at adventure level 10.
  • Dark Star Portal: You can unlock Dark Star Portal at adventure level 15.


Here are all the rewards:

Starlight Portal1 Bronze Reliquary
1000 Legend Points
Shadow Portal1 Silver Vault
1000 Legend Points
Dark Star Portal1 Rare Reliquary
1000 Legend Points

If you repeat an adventure the same week, you get Champion XP instead.

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