Long-distance Couple from Italy and India are Now Getting Married, Thanks to Apex Legends

The popular couple from India and Italy, who took the Apex Legends community’s limelight a few months back, is now getting married.

Apex Legends started its journey in early 2019. Since then, the game has brought so many people together from all around the world. Amidst all the Apex controversies and dramas, most Apex fans agree that it is one of the most wholesome gaming communities out there.

Many fans made friends through Apex Legends. And many even lost their friends in one way or another. However, the memories every player shares with their close ones through the game always remain.

Three months back, a guy named Furdean from India shared a wholesome story of his love, who traveled 6165 kilometers from Italy to India just to meet him. They met through Apex Legends, and their bond was created through the same mean. The couple took the community’s limelight, and now they’re back with more wholesome news.

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Apex Couple Shares They’re Getting Married

Only three months have passed since the couple thanked Respawn for bringing them together. Fast forward to today, Furdean proposed to his lady, and they are now getting married. How cool is that!

According to Furdean, they had been dating for 7 months before he proposed to her in front of the Taj Mahal to make the event somewhat more special and memorable.

Although working out a long-distance relationship has a pretty low success rate, according to Furdean, it was everyone’s prayers and well wishes that made it work, and he feels lucky for that.

As per Furdean’s comment, they have to continue the long-distance relationship for some time. However, the couple eventually plans to settle in India. The whole community is really happy to see the couple together.

The post has generated around 7k upvotes, and everyone shared their best wishes to both of them. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see both of them together after some days with more good news.

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