HisWattson Reveals the Only Secret to Get Out of Hard Stuck Ranks in Apex Legends

Former Predator Rank #1 and ALGS 2022 Champion MVP HisWattson reveals how to get out of any hard-stuck rank in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Ranked mode was introduced back in mid-2019 with the launch of Season 2: Battlecharge. Since then, the Ranked mode has become really popular and the only place where players can get to experience the nail-biting adventure of Apex Legends.

However, if you follow the Apex Legends rank distribution, you can undoubtedly acknowledge that the percentage of players in each rank doesn’t change much every season. It is because most people stay hard stuck in certain ranks for a very period of time.

So, sometimes you wonder, no matter how good you are or how hard you try, you can’t get out of a particular rank even though you are doing everything right. So, you nearly or completely give up getting out of a rank and try again next season just to face the same scenario all over again.

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HisWattson’s Only Advice to Get out of Hard Stuck Ranks

If you are one of the players facing difficulty ranking up, it may be the time when you listen to the former Predator Rank #1 and the ALGS Year 2 Championship MVP, FURIA HisWattson. He just reached Master rank with Shotguns and Grenades only in Season 15 Split 1, and he has some advice for you that will get you out of your hard-stuck ranks.

“Chat, you want some advice? You feel like you’ve been in a place in this game where like, you’re stuck. Or like you just kinda feel like you’ve been at the same skill level the whole time? The only way you’re gonna get better is if you put yourself in situations where you have to perform, frequently”, HisWattson said to their viewers.

Although it may sound confusing or something that you’ve heard multiple times before, he explains it further to make things more understandable.

“So, if you’ve been masters, or diamonds, or plats for three seasons in a row, and you want a sniper every game or a scout and play for three KP wins, you’re gonna be the same skill level the entire time. Like all the best players in this game literally, run at every single gunshot no matter what, and they don’t give a f**k”, HisWattson clarifies further.

HisWattson advises you to take every fight with any weapon, no matter what. Although there will be many situations where fleeing will be the smart play, taking as many fights as possible gives you more opportunities to get better at the game. And eventually, it’ll force you to rank up.

So, instead of ratting or just playing for KP and position, expose yourself to more frequent fights in the Ranked matches that’ll help you get out of your hard-stuck ranks.

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