LoL Three Honors Akshan: How To Get, Splash Art, & Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed the upcoming honor level 5 reward, Three Honors Akshan.

League of Legends is known for being a toxic game. Due to this, it could be unwelcoming for many players. And to reduce this, Riot has implemented the honors system.

With the honor system, players can give commendation to their fellow teammates after the match concludes. These commendations include Stayed Cool, Great Shotcalling, and GG<3. Receiving these commendations and giving them to other players will grant you honor XP. After getting a certain XP, your honor would level up.

Prior to season 12, honors were pretty useless for most players as they didn’t provide anything to the players. But in 2022, they added the first Honors 5 skin, Three Honors Malzahar. Players could earn this skin only by getting honor level 5 on that specific season.

Now that season 13 is ending, Riot Games has revealed the newest Honor 5 skin, Three Honors Akshan.

Visually, Three Honors Akshan is a combination of his base skin and the previous Three Honors Malzahar skin. It doesn’t look as unique compared to Malzahar. However, it is very nice to look at as a free skin.

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Three Honors Akshan

Splash Art

three Honors Akshan
Image Credits: RIot Games

How To Get Three Honors Akshan

You can earn Three Honors Akshan by achieving Honor level 5.

If you are honor level 5 by the time the skin releases and have an Honor 5 Token, you can get Three Honors Akshan skin for free.

But if you are not, you will have to honor up first to acquire the skin. And to achieve that, firstly, you have to play more matches. You will gain progress in your honor just by playing some matches.

You can earn Honor scores by being positive in your games. If you are toxic in very one or two games, that won’t affect your Honor score. But if you keep juggling between toxic and positive in your matches, that will slow down your progress.

If everyone on your team honors someone, you get an extra increase in your Honor score, even if you weren’t directly honored. In addition, you receive extra Honor from matchmade teammates over premade teammates.

Plus, you can still gain more from other random teammates just by being positive. So keep playing well and do your calls properly. Even if your team is losing, you can still be positive and try to lead your team to glory. In that way, your teammates might honor you just for being a good team member.

You can learn more about improving your Honor level right here.

Release Date

Three Honors Akshan will hit live servers on patch 14.2, which will be released in late January 2024. If you have earned the Honor 5 token before that time, then you will get the Akshan skin for free.

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