How to Increase Honor Level in League of Legends 2023

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Source: Riot Games

Though increasing the honor level in League of Legends can take time, it is not hard to level up.

Riot introduced the honor system to encourage positive behavior in the League of Legends community. The honor system was reworked in season 7 and made into what it is today. It rewards players for positively influencing the gameplay experience of others in their games.

After a game, each player gets 40 seconds to commend another teammate in one of three categories.

  • Stayed Cool: For teammates who were tilt-proof or calm during the game. Even when you were losing, they provided a positive experience.
  • Great Shotcalling: This honor is for the teammate who showed good leadership and strategy and led your team to a triumphant victory or a gracious defeat.
  • GG <3: This is for the teammates who were friendly and overall fun to play with.

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What is Honor Level in League of Legends

The honor level is a progression system that increases when you play games and earn honors from teammates. At the start of every season, the honor level resets back to level 2 (unless your honor level was lower than level 2), and you can progress up to level 5. Each level has three checkpoints that reward the players upon reaching them

The players can only see their own honor level in their profile tab.

Honor Level
Honor Level, Image Source: Riot Games

Why Increase Your Honor Level

You get rewards as you increase your honor level. For example, you can earn keys, key fragments, capsules, champion shards, emotes, and even exclusive skins like Three Honors Malzahar, Medieval Twitch, and Grey Warwick and their chromas by leveling up your honor. Also, at the end of each season, honor levels 3, 4, and 5 each get unique ward skins that players can earn.

Keys are essential to opening up mastery chests. If your honor level decreases, you will also be unable to earn mastery chests. So by having a good attitude, you can quickly increase your honor level and avoid missing out on many free skins and other loots.

How to Increase Honor Level in League of Legends

Your honor level will increase as you play the game and get more honors. However, there are not a fixed amount of honors that you need to level up. So we suggest you do the following to level up quickly.

  • Play Games: You gain a little bit of progress towards the next level for every game. So just keep playing, and you will eventually level up.
  • Be Tilt Proof and Friendly: Be calm in your games. If someone on your team has a bad game, flaming them will not change anything. They will only play worse. Don’t get tilted, and keep encouraging your teammates. Hopefully, they will recognize this and honor you after the game.
  • Shotcall: Try to give precise and appropriate calls and lead your team to glory. They will honor you for this.
  • Honor Premades: When playing with your friends, honor each other after every match. This may count less than getting honors from random teammates; still, I have reached level 5 by just doing this, plus whatever honor I received from the other teammates.
  • Don’t forget to Honor: Unless you hated playing with every one of your teammates, you should honor someone after every match. If every one of your teammates honored someone, you all get a little more progress toward the next level.
Honor level 5
Honor Level 5, Image Source: Riot Games

How Long Does it Take to Get from Level 2 to Level 3

It is hard to say precisely how long it takes to get your honor level up. Because it varies on how many games you play and how many honors you get. But for an average player who plays 3-4 games a day and shows a good attitude will reach a checkpoint in 12-15 days. So it takes around one and a half months for each honor level. But don’t worry if it takes longer for you. A season is more than enough time to reach level 5 if you are not being toxic on the rift.

Honor Reform

Players who get punished for their behavior will lose their Honor level based on the severity of the penalty.

If you get reported for bad behavior, it slows down your experience gain toward the honor level. And a chat restriction will decrease your honor level to level 1 and then level 0 if you get chat restricted again.

If you get a 14-day ban, your honor level will be 0. Also, your honor progress will be disabled, and you will not gain any key or mastery chests. However, these restrictions will be removed once you consistently show a better attitude and good sportsmanship.

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Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.