When Does LoL Season 2024 Ranked Split 1 Start?

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

As ranked season 2024, split 2 is ending, and here’s when the ranked season 2024 split 1 is starting.

There are many game modes in League of Legends. Among them, ranked is the premier game mode.

In ranked, players are able to compete with other people of similar skill levels. Due to this, it is the main primary competitive game mode of the game. But it is very flawed. Firstly, people face Smurfs on a daily basis, especially at the end of the split, as the Smurfs have already achieved their peak rank on their main account. Afterward, toxicity in ranked matches is rampant as everyone wants to win.

But Riot is fixing all of the aforementioned issues in Ranked. Regarding the toxicity issue, they have implemented an even stricter toxicity measurement system. Now, if you are detected to be toxic in ranked, you will be penalized and locked out from the mode until you play a certain number of quickplay matches.

To combat smurfs, instead of two splits per season, there will be three splits per season. That way, there will be fewer smurfs as they will still be focusing on grinding on their main account instead. Furthermore, it is more of a win-win situation for casual players as they can earn one more free Victorious skin from ranked.

With that said, since ranked season 13 is ending, Riot has revealed when the first split of season 14 starts.

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League of Legends: Ranked Season 2024 Split 1 Start Date

Ranked season 2024 split 1 will start at 12:00:00 on January 10, 2024, according to their regional time, except for North America and Latin America.

For North America, the ranked season will start at 7 am, January 10 PST. Meanwhile, the ranked season will start in Latin America at 9 am, January 10 CST.

The season transition will work similarly to prior seasons. The ranked queue will be disabled for a couple of hours till the ranked season starts. Moreover, the ranked rewards will be granted around a couple of weeks after the season concludes. One important information to note is that shard transfer will be disabled during this period until Riot gives out all of the ranked rewards for a seamless experience.

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