ARAM and Rotating Game Modes Removed From Ranked Penalties Queue List

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

After the ranked restriction penalties introduced in the last patch, Riot will remove ARAM and limited-time modes from the queue list.

Toxicity is a rampant problem in League of Legends. Because of the competitive nature of League, this game faces disruptive players like no other game.

Because of this reason, Riot Games has been adamant about combating these players. So far, they have gone to extreme lengths with various results. For example, they introduced an auto-mute system, where you will be automatically muted for the rest of the game if you type certain words. Additionally, if you are automatically muted, you won’t be able to see your teammates’ messages either. Moreover, they have also removed friendly pings as well.

In the last patch, 13.19, Riot added a ranked queue penalty. With this, if a player does offensive behaviors, then they will be banned from playing ranked queues. They can only unlock ranked back by playing 5 normal games or ARAM.

This situation brought a lot of concerns from the community as the casual playlist will be filled with toxic ranked players throwing and trying to end the game by disrupting the allied team.

Initially, while Riot Games was sure that it wouldn’t happen, now they are removing ARAM and rotating game modes from the ranked restriction queues.

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Image Credits: Riot Games

ARAM & Limited Time Modes Removed From Ranked Penalties Queue

While Riot thought that there wouldn’t be more disruptive players in casual queues, players knew that such changes would bring more in them. And the players were right.

In various Reddit threads, players shared their experiences, as at least one player from their matches was running it down in ARAM. And after the patch, it was a common occurrence. Due to this, in the newest patch, ARAM will be disabled after you have ranked penalties.

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