LoL Potential Worlds 2023 T1 Skins

Fahim Shahriar
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Following T1’s victory at Worlds 2023, the players have announced which champion skins they want to see for the Team Skins.

The League of Legends Worlds 2023 has been a blast to watch. The tournament was filled with narratives, upsets, and, most important of all, exciting matches.

Starting off Worlds 2023 Play-Ins, we have the phenomenal performance by VCS second seed Team Whales. The team managed to beat both LEC’s fourth-seed BDS and the LJL’s first-seed DFM in the Play-Ins group stage. But they were ultimately knocked out by the VCS first seed GAM Esports. On the other side of the bracket, the PSG Talon, the favorites of the Play-Ins stage, had been knocked out by BDS. Resulting in both GAM and BDS qualifying for the Swiss Stage.

Swiss Stage was a new addition to this year’s Worlds. Due to the volatility of the format, we got some of the highest-stakes matches of any Worlds so far. We also got some big upsets as well.

The most promising western team, G2 Esports, was knocked out by the surprising resurgence of LCS and their first seed, NRG. All four LPL teams qualified for the Knockout stages for the first time in Worlds history. And KT was unlucky, as always.

The Knockout stage was filled with even more upsets. Surprisingly, the LCK’s first seed, Gen.G, was knocked out by the LPL’s second seed, BLG, in the Quarterfinals. T1 also had 3-0’ed one of LPL’s dark horses, LNG.

The Semifinals started with yet another surprise. The fourth seed of the LPL, Weibo Gaming, a team that underperformed all year, a team everyone doubted, rose to the occasion and beat BLG 3-2.

All the other LCK teams had been knocked out by the LPL teams. It was T1 vs LPL, and their next opponent was the tournament favorites, JD Gaming. But to everyone’s surprise, T1 dismantled JDG in a 3-1 victory. All that remains in T1’s way is Weibo Gaming in the finals.

The finals seemed like it was going to be another underdog story. It felt like Weibo Gaming would pull another miracle, Similar to DRX. But T1 demolished Weibo Gaming’s dream in quick 3-0 fashion, leading to their fourth Worlds title.

Hence, we come to the 2023 Worlds skins. The five T1 players will get to pick a champion to get a Worlds 2023 skin. Here is what the players are planning to select.

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Worlds 2023 T1 Skins

So, in order to pick a champion for a Worlds skin, there is a condition that needs to be fulfilled. Only one of three conditions must be met to be eligible for a World Skin. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Participate in at least 2 play-in stage games that impacted the team’s advancement to the knockout game (i.e., those games had to matter for seeding or advancement).
  2. Participate in at least 2 group stage games that impacted the team’s advancement to the knockout game (i.e., those games had to matter for seeding or advancement).
  3. Participate in at least 1 knockout stage game (Quarters, Semis, or Finals).

With that said, here are the skins that T1 players revealed at the press conference.

  • Zeus (Top): Yone or Jayce
  • Oner (Jungle): Lee Sin
  • Faker (Mid): Ahri
  • Gumayusi (ADC): Jinx
  • Keria (Support): Bard or Renata

Zeus seems to be getting either a Yone or Jayce skin. But a Yone skin seems to be most likely, judging by how important his Yone pick was in the tournament. Oner has been wanting a Lee Sin for a while, so he is getting a Lee Sin skin.

Faker didn’t exactly say what champion he was going to pick, but he hinted at the fact that it might be Ahri. Gumayusi is getting Jinx. Keria wanted to pick Lux, but he didn’t play Lux in the tournament, so he couldn’t choose Lux. So he is getting either a Bard or Renata skin.

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