LoL DRX Worlds 2022 Team Skins Revealed

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Worlds 2022 has wrapped up with DRX emerging victorious, and the players have revealed the champion skins they want for the Team Skins.

League of Legends Worlds 2022 has been an exciting tournament. The meta has been one of the best we have seen in any Worlds tournaments, and the draw for knockouts went as well as it could be. We saw many series between different regions, bringing a lot of excitement to the tournament. One may argue this was the best Worlds tournament ever.

There were so many storylines going into the tournament. Whether it be about Faker winning another trophy, or Gen.G overcoming their demons, or JDG living up to the mark, and so on. Ultimately, the most unexpected thing happened in this year’s Worlds. DRX came from nowhere to snag the trophy on the backs of Kingen and Zeka stepping up in the solo lanes.

DRX is the first team to win Worlds straight from the play-ins. This was also the first time for Deft, a legendary ADC player, to reach a final and win it all. The win was completely unexpected; no one could have foreseen this at the start of the tournament. DRX went from play-ins to winning the Worlds finals, which has never been done before.

Hence with DRX winning the Finals, the players get to pick their skins. The five starting players + sub-jungler Juhan will get to pick a champion to get a Worlds 2022 team skin for. Here is what the players are planning to select.

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How Worlds Winning Players Pick Champion

So, in order to pick a champion for a Worlds skin, there is a condition that needs to be fulfilled. Only one of three conditions must be met to be eligible for a Worlds skin. The conditions are as follows:

  1. Participate in at least 2 play-in stage games that impacted the team’s advancement to the knockout game (i.e., those games had to matter for seeding or advancement).
  2. Participate in at least 2 group stage games that impacted the team’s advancement to the knockout game (i.e., those games had to matter for seeding or advancement).
  3. Participate in at least 1 knockout stage game (Quarters, Semis, or Finals).

According to the clauses above, 6 players in DRX fit the bill due to Juhan playing 2 games in the play-ins stage. Also, players can only choose champions they have played in the tournament for a Worlds skin.

DRX Players Choosing Skins for Worlds 2022 Skin line

The champions the players are deciding on were revealed in a press conference. Ashley Kang tweeted out their preferences so far.

  • Kingen (TOP): Aatrox
  • Pyosik (JGL): Kindred
  • Zeka (MID): Akali/Sylas
  • Deft (ADC): Caitlyn
  • BeryL (SUP): Ashe
  • Juhan (SUB): Maokai/Lee Sin

Aatrox makes sense for Kingen, considering his Game 4 and 5 performance of Finals on the champion. Pyosik has been known to be a Kindred one trick since he joined the professional league circuit, so that is also expected. While Zeka said Akali, he is still contemplating whether he wants to pick an Akali or Sylas skin.

Deft picking Caitlyn seems like a strange decision considering Ezreal is his signature champion which he has played in the tournament. The choice could simply be because of winning Game 5 in the Finals with Caitlyn. BeryL is going for Ashe and has also pitched an idea to Riot about how it should look.

As per Ashley Kang, BeryL wants Ashe to look like a character from Honkai Impact 3rd. BeryL has always been known as a player who dives into these games, and that’s part of his personality. It also helps that he is really good at League of Legends.

As for Juhan’s skin, it will likely be either Maokai or Lee Sin considering that’s the only two champions he played in the tournament. Thus, these are the likeliest Worlds 2022 Team Skins we will get next year.

That is all we know of the Worlds 2022 Team Skins so far, and we will share more on our website, and social media handles when we get more information.

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