LoL Jax Fishing Mini-Game Explained

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Alongside the Jax Visual Update, Riot is also adding a fishing mini-game. Here’s everything you have to know about it.

Reworks are nothing new in League of Legends. Since the early days of the game, we have seen countless reworks. These reworks range from gameplay to visual or both. And the latest champion to receive the visual rework is Jax.

Jax is one of the most popular champions in this game. Even though he was released in 2009, players kept playing him just because of the depth of his kit. Because of it, hit abilities barely got any significant changes over the years. But earlier this year, he received a mini-rework that modernized his kit. Mini-reworks are reworks that change a character’s abilities without changing that character’s visual. That way, that champion can be more viable in the solo queue.

Initially, Riot was supposed to release VGU or Visual and Gameplay Update for Jax. However, due to the scope of the rework, they ended up releasing it in two parts. The first part is the gameplay, which they released through the mini-rework mentioned earlier. The visual part, however, is released in patch 13.20 with the Jax Visual Update.

The Jax Visual Update was worth the wait, as it is breathtaking. Riot even fully overhauled his animations, VFX and voice-over. Additionally, now there is also a fishing mini-game. Here’s how it works.

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League of Legends: Jax Fishing Mini-game

How To Fish

To fish with Jax, you have to walk to the nearest river and stay AFK simply. After waiting for a few seconds, you will see Jax initiating a fishing animation. After that, you will get either a regular or golden fish.

An important thing to note here is that you should press a non-gameplay button like “S” or “space” on your keyboard so you don’t get an AFK warning. That way, you won’t be penalized for being AFK. That way, you can fully enjoy your calm fishing experience.

Passive Stats

Normal Fish

A normal fish grants you 1 gold. Additionally, you also get 1 temporary AP for 5 seconds.

Golden Fish

Alongside a normal, now there is a small chance that you can get a golden fish. Unlike a normal fish, a golden fish will give you 10 gold. Similarly, it will also give you 10 AP for 5 seconds.

Jax Fishing Icons

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