League of Legends Jax VU: Updated Splash Arts, Icons, & Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

The long-anticipated Jax VU or Visual Update has finally been revealed.

League of Legends was released in 2009. Because of this, there were many champions released around that period. However, some of them barely got any meaningful updates. So whenever these champions become outdated, Riot opts for some kind of rework to fix these champions, hoping that more players might play them.

There are many types of reworks in the game. Some of the notable ones are VGU, mid-scopes, ASU, and VU. Among them, VGU, ASU, and VU include visual reworks. VGU is where Riot fully reworks both gameplay and visuals to the point where they become entirely different champions. ASU is where Riot fully reworks a champion’s visual without changing their kit. VU, on the other hand, is similar to ASU but on a slightly smaller scale.

Earlier this year, Riot announced that one of the fan-favorite champions would receive a Visual Update. And that champion is Jax.

According to Riot, Initially, Jax was supposed to receive a full VGU. However, due to the scope of the update, they had to release the update in two parts. The first one turned out to be his mini-rework. The second or the visual part was delayed. But Riot did show some sneak peeks, which greatly hyped up the fans.

After much anticipation, Riot has fully revealed Jax’s new visual. Alongside it, they also revealed the new splash art of his base model and alternative skins.

While his new base model still looks similar to the original, it has received some extra glow-ups. Now, it seems like a champion who was released very recently. Also, the skins look more high quality compared to their previous version.

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Jax Visual Update

Splash Arts

Here are all the new splash arts for Jax Visual Update:

Base Model

base jax
Image Credits: Riot Games

The Mighty Jax

the mighty jax
Image Credits: Riot Games

Vandal Jax

vandal jax
Image Credits: Riot Games

Angler Jax

angler rework
Image Credits: Riot Games


pax jax
Image Credits: Riot Games


Image Credits: Riot Games

Temple Jax

temple jax
Image Credits: Riot Games

Nemesis Jax

nemesis rework
Image Credits: Riot Games

Updated Jax VU Ability Icons

Updated Illustration Icon

jax icon
Image Credits: Riot Games

Jax VU Updated Voice

You can check out Jax VU’s updated voice lines from the SkinSpotlights video.

YouTube video

Jax VU Release Date

The Jax visual update is expected to launch on patch 13.20, scheduled for Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

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