New LoL Hall of Legends Ahri Skin Leaked

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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A new Ahri skin has been leaked in honor of Faker being inducted into the LoL Hall of Legends.

Riot announced the Hall of Legends last year as they are looking to honor the best of the best players in League of Legends. In LoL Esports history, Riot has plenty of names to induct into the Hall of Legends. Usually, it is expected to be a retired player, but in the case of LoL, the first inductee can only be one man, and that is Faker.

Faker resume needs to explanation as he is a multiple time Worlds champion, LCK champion, MVP, etc. He is the face of LoLEsports and Mid Laners and he is part of the historic SKT and T1 brands. Thus, Riot is honoring him by making a new Ahri skin along with other stuff including teasers potentially.

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Hall of Legends Ahri Skin Leak

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Even though we do not know what the skin will actually look like, the first teaser got leaked by BigBadBear. It shows Faker’s journey to all of his achievements and then pans a shot at Ahri sitting on a Fox throne with glowing eyes (referencing Faker’s nickname The Unkillable Demon King”.

So, we are excited to see what the Ahri skin will look like. Based on the leaked trailer, the Ahri skin will have a Red Orb, so her skill effects should be that color. However, not much else is known on the skin front.

As for the release date, the leak suggested that the Hall of Legends Ahri skin will be coming out in Patch 14.11 on Thursday, May 30, 2024. However, like all leaks, take this with a grain of salt and wait for the confirmation by Riot.

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