LoL Hall of Legends 2024 Event Pass, Milestones, Rewards & More

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The Hall of Legends celebration is here as there are tons in this pass to get.

League of Legends is getting some unique content as Esports has inducted their first player. Faker has been inducted as there are plenty of celebrations to be had.

This includes new skins for Ahri and LeBlanc. One of which you get from the pass while the others from bundles. Also, there were a lot of changes to the Pass as there are 100 levels for this one. That means more rewards but there are no tokens in this pass. Here is what we know so far.

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Hall of Legends 2024 Event Pass Details

Unlike the Previous Events, the Hall of Legends Pass will have 100 Levels and a lot of rewards. On the flip side, that also means a little more playing.

Event Time

The Event will start on June 13, 2024, at 11:00 am PT and will continue until July 9, 2024, at 11:59 PT. There is no Event Shop for this event but you can still buy the Pass until July 16, 2024.

Event Pass & Bundle

Hall of Legends Pass Bundle
Image Credit: Riot Games

Unlike the other Event Passes, this one will be priced at 1950 RP. One of the reasons the price is higher is because it does give more rewards including a 100 Level Pass. That includes multiple skins including the new LeBlanc skin as well as Orbs, Icons, and more.

Other than that, there are some other bundles. We have the Risen Legend Collection, that will give all the above rewards and more. This is the primary way to get Risen Legend Ahri and will give some other rewards. The price for this bundle is 5430 RP.

Risen Legend Collection
Image Credit: Riot Games

Next is the Immortalized Legend Collection which gives all the above rewards, Immortalized Legend Ahri, and more. This bundle is priced at 32430 RP.

Immortalized Legend Collection
Image Credit: riot Games

Lastly, we have the Signature Immortalized Legend Collection, which also gives all the above rewards, the Signature Immortalized Legend Ahri version to add to the previous skin. The price is a whopping 59260 RP.

Signature Ahri

The Pass and the Bundles are available to be bought until July 16, 2024, at 11:59 PT.

Pass Milestones

Unlike the previous events, there are 100 Levels to get through. Also, each milestone now will give some unique reward as there are no tokens in this one. The bold rewards are free for all players. Here are all of them.

1 The Legend Begins Icon
210 Win XP Boost
3 The Awakening Icon
4250 Blue Essence
5LeBlanc Series 1 Eternals
6Hextech Key Fragment
7500 Blue Essence
8Hextech Chest
9625 Orange Essence
10Risen Legend LeBlanc
11250 Blue Essence
12Hextech Key Fragment
13LeBlanc Champion Shard
14250 Blue Essence
15Hextech Key Fragment
16625 Orange Essence
17What Was That?! Emote
18500 Blue Essence
19625 Orange Essence
20The Deceiver’s Thumbs Up Emote
21250 Blue Essence
22Hextech Key Fragment
23Hall of Legends 2024: Orianna Icon
24Mystery Emote
25SKT T1 Zed Skin
26625 Orange Essence
271 Day XP Boost
28500 Blue Essence
29625 Orange Essence
30ACE! Border
31250 Blue Essence
32Hextech Key Fragment
33Hall of Legends 2024 Orb
34Mystery Ward Skin
35SKT T1 Ryze Skin
36625 Orange Essence
37SKT T1 Ryze Emote
38500 Blue Essence
39Hextech Chest
40Eat Your Greens Emote
41250 Blue Essence
42Hextech Key Fragment
43Ahri Champion Shard
44LeBlanc Series 2 Eternals
45SKT T1 Syndra Skin
46625 Orange Essence
4710 Win XP Boost
48500 Blue Essence
49Hextech Chest
50Faker Can Fly Galio Icon
51Masterwork Chest
52500 Blue Essence
535 Mythic Essence
54625 Orange Essence
55Hall of Legends 2024 Orb
56625 Orange Essence
5710 Mythic Essence
58Hall of Legends 2024 Orb
59300 Orange Essence
60Jack of All Trades, Master of Everything Icon
61Masterwork Chest
62500 Blue Essence
635 Mythic Essence
64625 Orange Essence
65Hall of Legends 2024 Orb
66625 Orange Essence
6710 Mythic Essence
68Hide on Bush Ward
69300 Orange Essence
7025 Mythic Essence
71Masterwork Chest
72625 Orange Essence
735 Mythic Essence
74Hextech Key Fragment
75Hall of Legends 2024 Orb
76Hextech Key Fragment
7710 Mythic Essence
78Friend of Faker Icon
79300 Orange Essence
8025 Mythic Essence
81Masterwork Chest
82Hextech Key Fragment
835 Mythic Essence
84Hextech Key Fragment
85Hall of Legends 2024 Orb
86Hextech Key Fragment
8710 Mythic Essence
88All Roads Lead To Him Emote
89300 Orange Essence
90Revenge Served Cold Banner
91Masterwork Chest
92The Mad Hatter Emote
935 Mythic Essence
94Hextech Key Fragment
95Ready for the Fourth Icon
96Hextech Key Fragment
975 Mythic Essence
98Hall of Legends 2024: Risen Legend LeBlanc Champie Icon
99Broccoli Baron Title
100Risen Legend LeBlanc Chromas

All the rewards are one-time and there are no repeatable Milestones this time around. Hence, grab the reward you wish to with the Event Pass rewards and all the tokens you earn.

Champion Skins

These are the skins that are available to buy through Bundles and Event Pass.

  • Risen Legend LeBlanc (Hall of Legends Pass)
  • Risen Legend Ahri (Risen Legend Collection)
  • Immortalized Risen Legend Ahri (Immortalized Legend Collection)

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