LoL Duskblade Mini-Rework 2023: New Changes, Release Date, and More

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Duskblade is getting a mini-rework on Patch 13.16.

Riot recently announced the change list of the upcoming patch, Patch 13.16. In it, they detailed some of the changes coming to the patch, such as Surrender-Rework, buffs to the weaker Lethality times, etc. But the most important change coming to the patch remains the Duskblade Mini-Rework.

The Duskblade of Draktharr is one of the most iconic items in League of Legends. It was introduced to the game a few years back in Patch 6.3. When it was introduced, it was considered a lackluster AD item. But over the years, it has received a bunch of changes and has become the iconic item it is now.

The current iteration of Duskblade of Draktharr was introduced in Patch 13.10 with the mid-season update. It gives 60 Attack Damage, 20 Ability Haste, and 18 Lethality. It also has a unique passive called Nightstalker. Nightstalker gives its users extra damage and makes them Untargetable and Invulnerable to damage for 1.5 seconds.

Due to its high damage and Nightstalker passive, Duskblade has become one of the strongest items in the game. It has become so strong that bruisers like Illaoi, Aatrox, and Yorick have been abusing the item.

So, in Patch 13.16, Riot announced that they would rework the Duskblade of Draktharr.

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Duskblade Changes

  • Destroys incoming projectiles when Unique Passive – Nightstalker is triggered.
  • No longer makes the target immune to Damage over Time (DoT) effects.
  • Nightstalker’s untargetability remains unchanged.

Previously Nightstalker’s untargetability effect did not apply to projectiles. Now, projectiles will be destroyed properly. In addition, the Damage over Time effects will now apply even if the user is untargatable due to the Nightstalker effect. Previously, the effects did not apply after entering untargetability.

Release Date

The Duskblade Mini-Rework will arrive at the live servers in Patch 13.17, which will be released on Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023.

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