List of LoL Champions Quests In 2024

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Let’s take a look at all of the new and updated Champion Quests that will be available in 2024.

The world of Runeterra is vibrant, vast, and expansive. It’s bursting with rich history, diverse cultures, and distinct regions, and most of all, it feels like a world that has been lived in. Over 160 League of Legends, champions call this world known as Runeterra their home.

Each of these champions comes from a different part of Runterra; some come from the harsh deserts of Shurima, some from the wintery mountains of Freljord, and some even from outer space. When they finally meet head-to-head in Summoners Rift, they interact as most people do. Most of these interactions come in the form of Voice Lines, but there are some special ones that actually affect gameplay, and they are called Champion Quests.

Champion Quests are basically in-game events that highlight the relationships between different champions. These are based on the lore of Runeterra lore and usually happen between opposing factions. They were added to the game a while back but weren’t really expanded upon. But with the Preseason, Riot has expanded the concept further and even added new ones to the game.

In this article, we will go through all the Champion Quests that will be available in 2024.

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Champion Quests

Bad Blood


Image Credit: Riot Games

Quest Completion Requirement: Kill Nasus while Renekton’s Ultimate Ability, Dominus, is active.

On Quest Completion: Wrath Empowers: With Nasus’ defeat, Renekton’s Ultimate Ability, Dominus, now lasts longer and grants additional size.

“That dog is no brother of mine. He is dead – I am death!”

If Quest Fails: Dominus, Defeated: Renekton has fallen to Nasus’ will. The size Renekton gains from his Ultimate Ability, Dominus, has decreased.

“What am I? Dust and blood, back in the dark?”


Nasus Champion Quests

Quest Completion Requirement: Kill Renekton while Nasus’ Ultimate Ability, Fury of the Sands, is active.

On Quest Completion:  Wisdom Exalts: With Renekton’s defeat, Nasus’ Ultimate Ability, Fury of the Sands, now lasts longer and grants additional size.

“My brother’s savagery endangered us all. The sands will soon know peace.”

If Quest Fails: Burial of the Sands: Nasus has fallen to Renekton’s rage. The size Nasus gains from his Ultimate Ability, Fury of the Sands, has decreased.

“I failed Renekton, failed Shurima. The Butcher of the Sands returns in chaos and carnage.”

Fishing in the Lavender Sea


Bel'Veth Champion Quests

Quest Completion Requirement: Bel’Veth’s grand design starts with the cry of the Baron. Contributing to taking Baron Nashor permanently enhances Bel’Veth and dooms Jax.

“None will stand in my way, not even the Icathian warrior. All will end in my beginning.”

On Quest Completion: Drown the Doomed: Slaying Baron Nashor has empowered Bel’Veth. Killing Jax now drops Void Coral, which grants Bel’Veth her true form.

“The fire of Icathia dims. My sea of silence reigns eternal.”

If Quest Fails: Back to the Abyss: Bel’Veth did not slay Baron Nashor, preventing her from reaching her true strength.


Jax Champion Quests

Quest Completion Requirement: Jax instructions: Jax must prevent Bel’Veth from consuming the world, starting with Baron Nashor.  Contributing to taking down Baron Nashor empowers Jax in his fight against the void.

“Great. If the Void Empress eats this place, where am I meant to fish!?”

On Quest Completion: Apex Angler: Slaying Baron Nashor has empowered Jax. Jax gains five stacks of Bel’Veth’s passive, Death in Lavender, and gains an additional five stacks each time he slays Bel’Veth or assists in her defeat.

If Quest Fails: Grandmaster of None: Jax did not slay Baron Nashor, preventing him from reaching his true strength.

Battle of Spirit and Shadow


Zed Champion Quests

Quest Completion Requirement: Zed must prove the power of the shadows against Shen. Kill two enemy champions near Shen while avoiding getting taken down by him.

On Quest Completion: Enlightened Shadows: Zed defeated Shen, finding strength in darkness. Contempt for the Weak deals an additional 2% of the target’s max health.

“Shen’s equilibrium did not protect them from me – for I have no equal.”

If Quest Fails: Thwarting Spirit: Zed’s power was not enough to eliminate Shen’s allies before falling to him in battle.



Quest Completion Requirement: Shen must prevent Zed from using the full power of the shadows. Damage and take him down before he can kill two nearby allies.

“Zed is too far gone. I will stand against his shadows.”

On Quest Completion: Enforced Equilibrium: Shen has defeated Zed, protecting allies and restoring harmony to the battlefield. The Shield from Ki Barrier is now 30% stronger.

“No mourning Zed. I press on, empowered by the spirits I’ve saved.”

If Quest Fails: Overwhelming Shadow: Shen could not Shield his allies. Darkness has won this day.

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