Chapter 5 Important Choices and Endings – Life Is Strange (LIS): True Colors

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It’s time for the final showdown. Learn about all the important choices you have to make in order to shift the vote in your favor, and all the endings you can get.

Chapter 5 – Side B starts off with you being back in Dr. Lynn – the psychologist’s office. She asks you what you have learned from your trip to Haven Springs.

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Answer her, only to find out you’ve been talking to an empty chair. This is a dream sequence, and you will need to find your way out of it and make it back alive to confront Jed for his betrayal.

LIS True Colors Dream Puzzle

After realizing that you’ve been talking to an empty chair, something about Dr. Lynn’s office starts to feel off. You have no recollection of how you got back here. So start off by inspecting the office. Here is how to get out of there:

  • Inspect the photo frames: You’ll notice that it’s full of your family photos and the picture of a tuning peg.
  • Inspect the file on the table: It is your case file. You are patient number 53322.
  • Inspect the tape recorder on the doctor’s chair: It will play a recording of Jed’s last words to you before he betrays you.
  • Interact with the photo frames again: This time, you will shake the tuning peg out of the frame.
  • Interact with the guitar case: Knock on the guitar case, but your guitar case will not recognize you as Alex Chen.
    The post-it note will drop, revealing a lock. Enter your case file number: 53322. This will unlock the guitar case.
    Use the tuning peg to fix the guitar and play. Gabe will then greet you in the hospital, walking you through your past.
  • Hospital sequence: Once your father tells you to meet your mother, head into the room and read the emotion on her keys with the good-luck cat charm. Your mother will be at the far end of the room as you draw the curtain and interact with her.
    Gabe will ask you if this is how it really went, and you’ll be transported back to the hospital waiting room.
    This time, go inside your mother’s room again, but bring her water when she starts coughing. You will find it next to the keys.

How to Draw Votes in Your Favor in LIS True Colors

As you finish the dream sequence, wake back up to your reality and successfully make it out of the mine in your injured state, you will walk into the Black Lantern bar right during the council meeting.

Once you interrupt Diane and accuse Jed of attempted murder, along with the truth of what really happened 12 years back, the most critical moment of the game finally presents itself: How to shift the votes in your favor.

Depending on the choices you made throughout chapters 1-4, you can get Eleanor, Charlotte, Pike, Duckie, and even Ryan to believe you.

Steph will always take your side, no matter what. And Diane simply cannot be reasoned with, so her dialogue options do not matter. The critical decisions you would have to take to shift the vote in your favor are:





How to Get Ryan to Believe You in LIS True Colors

Ryan is by far the most difficult person to convince to be on your side. There is a chance that he may not believe you even if you romance him in Chapter 4.

I was able to get Ryan to believe Alex’s accusations against his father in my first playthrough, so I believe that it depends on a bunch of smaller decisions than a few major ones. Here are all the decisions I took during the playthrough to shift his vote in Alex’s favor:

  • Respond “Red Wire” to Ryan’s Question (Missable) [Chapter 1 – Looking for Ethan]
  • Support Ryan’s claim about hearing Gabe’s Call [Chapter 2 – Gabe’s Wake]
  • Hug Ryan [Chapter 2 – End Scene]
  • Choose Ryan as the Distraction [Chapter 3 – Distracting Diane]
  • Do not have an outburst in front of Steph and Ryan [Chapter 3 – Leave Charlotte Alone]
  • Give the Rose to Ryan [Chapter 4 – Spring Festival]
  • Ask “You believe me, right?” to Ryan [Chapter 5 – Council meeting]

As stated earlier, Romancing Ryan may not guarantee him believing you, as it depends on how much you sided with him throughout the entire game. Even if, for some reason, he ends up taking his dad’s side, Jed will still confess in the end in tears.

If you romance Ryan, he will show up at your apartment’s doorstep later. Depending on his reaction during the confrontation, he will either hug you (If he believed your accusations) or ask for forgiveness (If he didn’t support you).

Lastly, depending on whether you forgive him or not, he may or may not appear in the ending.

LIS True Colors Chapter 5 – Major Decision

The finale of Alex’s story will depend on one major decision.

Stay in Haven or Seek Adventure

Stay in Haven or Seek Adventure

The game has a total of 6 possible endings, which will center around one core decision. Alex will ask Gabe what to do, and he will describe what her life in Haven will look like.

But then he will also say that pursuing a music career might be better for Alex than settling down in Haven Springs.

Depending on whom Alex chooses as her romantic partner (if she chooses one at all), the cutscene will feature either Steph or Ryan.

All Endings in LIS True Colors

There are six different endings you can experience at the end of Alex’s journey in LIS True Colors.

Stay in Haven

You stay in Haven and start to build a life for yourself in the town. Steph decides to leave Haven and hands over the record store to you. 

Seek adventure

You leave Haven and pursue a music career. If you kept Eleanor’s confidence, didn’t take Charlotte’s anger, and removed Pike’s fear, all of them will be at the bus stop to see you off. If you made the alternative choices, they won’t be there.

Ryan can feature in the ending if you form a romantic relationship with him on the rooftop. 

Stay in Haven with Ryan

You stay in Haven with Ryan. Steph will still leave and hand over the record store. You’ll see the pair share moments together as they build a life in the town. 

Seek adventure with Ryan

Just like before, if you leave Haven, you’ll set off to pursue your music. Only this time, Ryan will go with you. On stage, you’ll get a text from him showing his support, and photos of him will be in your guitar case. 

Likewise, if you establish a romantic relationship with Steph on the rooftop, she can also be with you if you stay or leave. 

Stay in Haven with Steph

Steph will stay with you if you stay in Haven, and you’ll work in the record shop together. Here, you’ll see them share moments together. 

Seek adventure with Steph

If you leave, Steph will go with you as you pursue your music career. Steph will also send you a supportive text before your show; her photos can be seen in your guitar case. 

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