Chapter 2 Important Choices – Life Is Strange (LIS): True Colors

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We will be discussing all the major decisions you can take in the second chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors, and also highlight all the missable interactions.

The story of Life Is Strange: True Colors really starts picking up from Chapter 2- Lanterns. Gabe has died from what may or may not have been an accident.

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In this chapter, Alex deals with the grief of losing her brother and tries to learn the truth of what really went down during the night of the blast.

In addition to three major plot-altering events, this chapter has a handful of missable interactions as well.

This guide will cover all significant and missable decisions and help you solve Eleanor’s fear puzzle from LIS True Colors Chapter 2.

LIS True Colors Chapter 2 – Major Decisions

There are 3 major decisions in LIS: True Colors’ second chapter that can impact the story’s ending.

Take the Money for Ethan or Turn the Offer Down

Take the Money for Ethan or Turn the Offer

While this is technically one of the missable decisions of the game, it is still one of the major decisions you can make to get Charlotte to speak in your favor in Chapter 5.

After Gabe’s wake, Charlotte will text you to swing by her marijuana dispensary when you have time.

In case you don’t want to miss this, visit her before talking to Mac. She will tell you that Typhon has offered her money in exchange for not pressing charges.

While she debates whether accepting the money would be betraying Gabe or not, we have seen that telling her to take the money for Ethan will improve your bond with her.

If you fail to visit her, she will still end up signing the affidavit but is less likely to support you in the council in Chapter 5.

Tell Eleanor About Gabe Or Spare Her the Pain

Tell Eleanor About Gabe Or Spare Her the Pain

After helping Eleanor with her fear, you can choose to remind her about Gabe’s death or spare her the pain.

Remember, if you wish to get Eleanor’s support in Chapter 5, you must ensure that Riley does not find out about Eleanor’s dementia and leaves for college in Chapter 4.

In this case, we found that, albeit challenging, Telling her about Gabe is the right decision. In case you spare her the pain of forgetting about Gabe’s death, Riley will find out about Eleanor’s condition on her own and decide not to go to college.

Calm Mac Down or Walk Away

Calm Mac Down or Walk Away

After you confront Mac about the part he played in Gabe’s death, he will have a panic attack. It’s up to you to decide whether he deserves to suffer or not.

We have found that even if you don’t cover for him in Chapter 1, choosing to Calm Mac Down will redeem your bond with him.

Although this has no effect on the ending of the game whatsoever, if you are on good terms with him, he will send you friendly texts down the line.

LIS True Colors Chapter 2 – Eleanor Fear Puzzle

After you visit the flower shop looking for Mac and learn that he is not there, you will notice that Eleanor is in distress.

Similar to how you help Steph with her sadness, you must help Eleanor with her fear. Once you read her emotions, multiple objects in the shop will give out a purple glow.

You have to help Eleanor by offering to retrace her steps. Below is the correct order of interacting with the objects:

  • First: Interact with the sign on the door.
  • Second: Interact with the phone in the backroom.
  • Third: Interact with the picture of Riley.
  • Fourth: Interact with the flowers.
  • Fifth: Interact with the register.

LIS True Colors Chapter 2 – Missables

There are five decisions with minor consequences in Chapter 2, as they can be easily missed.

Honor Gabe’s Memory

You can put something on Gabe’s memory table to honor him. If you go upstairs, you can either choose your family photo or the Kings of Leon record to put on the table.

Helping Ethan

You will find him by the river all alone, not wanting to talk. However, interacting with him will unlock an additional dialogue that can be used to advise Charlotte when you visit her at the dispensary. This will improve Alex and Ethan’s relationship, as well as her relationship with Charlotte.  

Helping the Birdwatcher

At the exit from the park, you can meet a birdwatcher. She is looking for a rare bird. Read her emotions and talk to her. If you turn right from the alley beside the dispensary and walk to the end, you will find the bird that the ornithologist is looking for on the tree.

LARP Preparations

Do not forget to visit Steph at the record shop before interacting with Mac. Once you visit her, she will ask you to choose a final boss for the Live-Action Role-Play or LARP.

Once you choose a boss for Ethan to fight in chapter 3, head over to the register where you will find Ethan’s comic and a comp sheet for you to fill out.

If you read the comic, you will learn that Thaynor has a trusted companion named Alwynn. So, picking that as your name will improve Ethan’s relationship with you.

Help Sad Dude Reunite with his Dog

Once you visit Steph’s record shop, you’ll find a guy with glasses whose emotions you can read. He will be sad about Charlie leaving him.

If you interact with the bulletin board in Steph’s record store, you’ll learn that someone has put up an advert about finding a lost dog named Charlie. Talk to the sad dude and let him know the news.

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