Chapter 1 Important Choices – Life Is Strange (LIS): True Colors

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Take a look at all the critical choices Alex will have to make after arriving in Haven. Caution: Beware of Spoilers!

Life is Strange: True Colors is the third major installment in Square Enix’s Life is Strange franchise. The game’s main protagonist, Alex Chen, has the unique ability to read people’s emotions and know what they’re thinking.

Throughout the story, you can use this power to get to the truth of things. However, your choices and actions will shape whether she sees her powers as a curse or a gift.

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As you embark on Alex’s journey of reuniting with her estranged brother, learning about the people living in the small town of Haven, and using your powers to uncover the dark secrets of Typhon, you will have to make some major decisions that can change the course of the story.

In this guide, we will walk you through the significant and missable choices the game presents in Chapter 1 – Side A.

LIS True Colors Chapter 1 – Major Decisions

There are 3 major decisions in LIS: True Colors’ first chapter that can impact the story’s ending.

Tell Gabe about Ethan’s Plans or Keep it a Secret

Tell Gabe about Ethan's Plans or Keep it a Secret
Credit: Square Enix

This is the first major decision the game will present you with. Ethan tells you that he will explore the mines alone in good faith. So, you can either keep his secret or tell Gabe about Ethan’s plans.

The best course of action is to tell Gabe as Ethan will sneak away at night anyways.

If you tell Gabe about it, he will inform Ethan’s mother, Charlotte, which will contribute to getting on good terms with her (Important for Chapter 5). However, if you don’t tell Gabe, he will be disappointed.

Call out Mac’s Bullshit or Avoid Further Trouble

Call out Mac's Bullshit or Avoid Further Trouble
Credit: Square Enix

When Riley asks you what went down between Mac and Gabe, you can either tell her the truth about Mac beating up Gabe and accusing him of sleeping with Riley or cover for Mac.

If you tell her the truth, Riley will break up with Mac. However, if you cover for Mac, the couple will stay together.

After playing through the entire game, I have found that Calling out Mac is the best way to go, as you can extract the required information from him in the future, with or without covering for him in this chapter. And honestly, he simply does not deserve Riley.

Tell Gabe about your Past or Tell him about your Power

Tell Gabe about your Past or Tell him about your Power

The game’s protagonist – Alex, has always seen her powers as a curse rather than a gift. In this scene, the game will present you with a difficult choice of telling your brother about your powers or keeping it a secret.

If you choose to avoid telling him about your powers, Alex will talk about the difficulties of her life in Foster Care.

However, we have found that Telling him about your power is the better option as Gabe makes a strong case of how Alex’s superpower makes her Special and not cursed, improving her self-confidence and her relationship with him.

LIS True Colors Chapter 1 – Missables

There are two decisions with minor consequences in Chapter 1, as they can be easily missed.

Duckie’s Missing Whisky

After you have taken Duckie and Diane’s orders – Cheeseburger with Mushroom and a Specialty Pie with Fries, he will ask you to bring him his usual drink. Jed informs that he last saw it with Gabe and Duckie. You will find the bottle upstairs, hidden between the cushions of the Sofa.

Steph’s Jukebox Game

If you interact with Steph and ask her about her green shot, she will tell you about the Jukebox game and ask you to play with her.

You can ask her 5 questions as hints to guess the correct song. It doesn’t matter which hints you pick; the correct answer will always be Kiss Up and Shut Me by The F*ckadelics.

That said, losing will not impact the story in any way, as participating in this game will help you form a friendship with Steph and maybe even a romance down the line, should you want it.

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