Lionel Messi Ventures into Gaming World, Becomes Co-Owner of KRU Esports

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: KRU Esports

The 2022 FIFA World Cup and 8-time Ballon d’Or winner takes co-ownership of KRU, making Messi in Esports a reality.

Esports is still relatively young, with only the past decade seeing the rise of prize pools, professional teams, and viewers. In a recent announcement, KRU Esports announced the arrival of a new owner alongside founder Sergio Aguero. The Argentine and global superstar Lionel Messi has joined the team as a co-owner and started his journey into Esports.

The man needs no introduction. Lionel Messi is beyond a superstar and has defined what it means to be an athlete. With an illustrious career of almost 19 years, he has won everything there is to win in football. After all of that, he is now headed towards joining the digital gaming landscape.

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KRU Esports

Kru Esports is an Eposrts team based in Argentina. The team was formed by the Argentine forward and Premier League winner Sergio Agüero. During the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns, many professional athletes turned towards the digital world as Esports became the only sport that was playable on a global level.

KRU Esports Logo
Kru Esports

Agüero formed the team in 2020, streaming on his own Twitch channel. The team started its venture with FIFA, considering its affiliation with the owner. They also ventured into different Esports, from League of Legends to VALORANT, where they achieved a podium placement in the 2021 VALORANT Champions.

At present, they hold an active roster in Rocket League as well as male and female divisions in Riot’s VALORANT.

Messi in Esports

KRU has announced through their Instagram page that Messi will be joining the team as a co-owner. While the news came out of left field, we are yet to see what role he will be taking in the development or further expansion of Esports in South America.

Lionel Messi has achieved whatever there is to win in football. Now, with his long-time friend at his side and a relatively easier time in the MLS, Messi seems to have entered the foray of gaming. We have already seen multiple stars joining Esports, from Neymar in the Rio Major for Counter-Strike to many F1 stars joining Sim Racing events during their spare time.

The addition of such big-name personalities will boost every popular competitive gaming scene and might also bring much more exposure globally. KRU already had a strong follower base, and now we can expect their support to balloon as newer audiences discover Esports thanks to Messi.

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