Like a Dragon: Ishin! – List of All Substories

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Here is a complete breakdown of every substory you can complete in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

RGG Studios’ Like a Dragon, or Yakuza franchise, has made a name for itself through its well-written characters, addicting combat, and hilarious substories – and Ishin is surely no different. Like a Dragon: Ishin tells the dramatic tale of Japanese Samurai Sakamoto Ryoma, with some of the most iconic faces of the Yakuza franchise representing major historical figures from the Japanese Edo period.

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As you explore the streets of Kyo as Ryoma, you will come across all sorts of interesting people who need your help. Engaging with these characters will teach you more about their lives and form meaningful bonds. Moreover, these quests will also reward you with items and increase your Virtue.

Virtue in Like a Dragon: Ishin can be equally important as money, as it can be traded for unlocking various Blessings. These Blessings give you stat buffs that improve your quality of life and prowess in battle. So, being virtuous will make you stronger, and completing substories is the fastest way to ensure that.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! - List of All Substories
Credit: SEGA

The substories in Like a Dragon: Ishin are well diversified, so they never truly feel repetitive in nature. In many ways, the light-hearted, comedic storylines offered in these optional side quests are the refreshment you need from the game’s much darker and more serious main storyline. Moreover, these quests often introduce you to some of the more unique minigames in Ishin, such as Karaoke, Dancing, and the Ramen mini-game.

There are a total of 73 substories for you to unlock in Like a Dragon: Ishin. And while some are automatically unlocked during your normal playthrough, others require specific conditions to be met to be unlocked. That’s why we have listed all the substories you can do in Like a Dragon: Ishin, along with their unlocking requirements and completion rewards.

List of all Substories in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Below are all the substories you can complete in Like a Dragon: Ishin, along with their availability, location, objective, and reward.

Substory no.Substory NameAvailabilityLocationHow to UnlockHow to CompleteReward(s)
1Nichibuzza’s Newest FanChapter 3Rakunai Region – KawaramachiVisit Nichibuza dance schoolComplete the Dancing tutorial– 250 Virtue
– Unlocks Buyo dancing minigame
2Deceitful DeityChapter 3Rakunai Region – Karasuma StreetSpeak to the Old Lady standing in front of KamatoraTrack down the con artist. He can be found in Teramachi’s western alleyway.300 Virtue
3Who’s Entertaining WhoChapter 3Rakunai Region – SannochoSpeak to the Woman at the southern corner of Ebisu Pawn RakunaiComplete the Karaoke session at Watami (West Shijo Street).

Then pick the following dialogue choices when asked about the drawing:
Q1: What about it spoke to you?
A1: It was bold and virile.
Q2: What is it you find amazing?
A2: It’s bold yet elegant.
– 350 Virtue
– Ancient Amulet
4I’ll Miss You, MihoChapter 3Rakunai Region – KawaramachiStarts automatically while passing Kawaramachi streetMake your way towards Ginryu Dojo and then north of the shrine.

Then answer the following questions:
Q1: What Miho-chan meant:
A1: Thank you for caring about her.
Q2: Why’d Miho-chan wait to tell me:
A2: You’re important to her.

You’ll then have to return to Kawaramachi and chase after the palanquin.
– 300 Virtue
– Rainbow Fabric
5Talkin’ TosaChapter 3Rakunai Region – KawaramachiSpeak to the Man in the corner who’s looking for someone from Tosa.Translate the following sentences over multiple encounters:

Q1: What’s “been a spell” mean?
A1: It’s been a while.

Q2: First of all, what’s “this’n’s” supposed to mean?
A2: I.

Q3: And last, we’ve got this “all y’are boyo” bit… any guesses?
A3: She means “you.”

Q4: “Religiously, that?” Any thoughts?
A4: She means, “is that every day?”

Q5: “The tremlin’ takes me,” what do you think she’s trying to say?
A5: Her heart aches.

Q6: “Meet in a twinklin’.” What’s that supposed to mean?
A6: Meet soon.

Q7: “Even if I’m to shamble about and bust me bum.” What does that mean?
A7: Stumble and fall.

Q8: “Men who won’t take the plunge.” She must mean…
A8: Cowardly men.

Q9: Yes, exactly; just what does she want me to say?
A9: Tell her how you feel.
– 350 Virtue
– Fine Silk Fabric
– Platinum Chunk
– Phoenix Feather
6The Mochi MysteryChapter 3Rakunai Region – ShinmeichoHead to Shinmeicho and hear the testimonies of five suspects of Doshin’s mochi theft.After listening to everyone’s testimonies, pick the right culprits:
Higashihara and Minamino
– 300 Virtue
– Godslayer’s Talisman
7Ee Ja Nai for JusticeChapter 3Rakunai Region – South Karasuma StreetComplete Substory 47: Ee Ja Nai Ka;
Unlocks automatically after walking past Karasuma Street.
Protect the dancers from the goons.– 350 Virtue
– Tranquil Towel
8The Unwilling CourierChapter 5Rakunai Region – Shijo BridgeSpeak to the Courier east of Shijo Bridge and offer to deliver his letters.Deliver all the letters in the allotted time.– 300 Virtue
– Gold Seal
9Enter the Black Panther CouriersChapter 5Rakunai Region – Shijo BridgeComplete Substory 8: The Unwilling Courier;
return to the same spot as the last substory.
Deliver 10 more letters than your opponent in the allotted time.300 Virtue
10The Panthers’ Leading ManChapter 5Rakunai Region – Teramachi StreetComplete Substory 9: Enter the Black Panther Couriers;
Speak to the boys near Sushi Zanmai on Teramachi Street.
Deliver 12 letters in the allotted time.340 Virtue
11Global FraudChapter 3Rakunai Region – TeramachiSpeak to the Teacher west of Teramachi street.Answer the following questions:

Q1: This small island nation is…
A1: Japan

Q2: That country is…
A2: The Great Qing

Q3: What are you waiting for, Saito-sensei? Tell us where it is
A3: Country 4
– 300 Virtue
– European Fabric
12The Hungry Sumo WrestlerChapter 5Rakunai Region – South Teramachi StreetSpeak to the distressed Sumo.Give the Sumo something to eat. Any food item in your inventory should suffice.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
13The Lover-Starved HusbandChapter 4Rakunai Region – TeramachiSpeak to the man standing near the riverbank across East Shijo Street.Prepare a meal in Another Life, then return to the quest location.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
14The Oblivious WomanChapter 4Rakunai Region – Karasuma StreetProgress the main story until you’ve unlocked Another Life;
speak to the Woman looking for her purse.
Give the woman some Vegetables from your inventory.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
– Vitality Pill
15The Injured GrandmaChapter 4Rakugai Region – TeramachiSpeak to the injured Old Lady near the riverbank.Converse with her.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
16The Barking DogChapter 5Rakunai Region – TeramachiUnlocks automatically after passing by Ebisu Pawn Rakunai and encountering the barking dog.Give the dog a Bone. It can be purchased from Ebisu Pawn Rakunai or Fushimi’s shopping district.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
17The Lucky CatChapter 4Rakunai Region – Karasuma StreetTalk to the man that’s bowing to a cat near Ginryu Dojo.Offer 1,000 mon to the cat. When it gives you a Whitebait in return, offer it back.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
18The Reclusive SonChapter 3Rakugai Region – East UmekojichoProgress the main story until you’ve unlocked Another Life;
Speak to the mother and son as they’re fighting
Speak to the mother, and then pick the following dialogue options when speaking to the son:

Q1: How should I start this off…?
A1: What are you up to?

Q2: But what exactly would work best for him, I wonder…?
A2: Make a personal connection

Q3: I need to figure out how to really push this guy into changing…
A3: Boost his self-confidence
– 350 Virtue
– Iron Gauntlets
– Rainbow Shard
19Palanquin PaladinChapter 6Rakugai Region – UmekojichoSpeak to the Serious Old Man looking for a strong warriorDefend Sayako’s Palanquin from Hayakaze and his goons until she can get out of Kyo– 350 Virtue
– Crimson Bead
20Can I Quote You On That?Chapter 7Rakugai Region – East UmekojichoStarts automatically as you head toward ShinmeichoHead to the barracks to give an interview. Below are all the right answers:

Q1: What does killing a man mean to you?
A1: It’s my duty, nothing more

Q2: Do you have a message for any loyalist shishi out there who want to cause problems for the Bakufu?
A2: Go home and be family men

Q3: What’s your type when it comes to the ladies?
A3: Someone I get along with

Q4: As Captain of the Third Division, what does the Shinsengumi mean to you?
It’s a path for true strength

Q5: What should the common folk do if we run into the Shinsengumi?
A5: Maintain your innocence
– 300 Virtue
– Eye of the Dragon
21Sonno JoiChapter 3Rakugai Region – North UmekojichoListen in on the Foreigner and his student’s conversationDefend Creek against enemy ambush (Sannocho, Rakugai during Chapter 3)

You will meet Creek again in Chapter 5, where you’ll have to save him from another attack (2nd floor of Murukurgai)
350 Virtue
22Ee Ja Not KaChapter 3Rakugai Region – East OmekojichoComplete Substory 7: Ee Ja Nai for JusticeTeach the dancers a lesson for knocking down the Old Lady– 300 Virtue
– Vermilion Fabric
23Bluffin Up the Wrong AlleyChapter 6Rakugai Region – SannochoHead to the Gambling Den in Sannocho and speak to the Gambler outside.Head back to the area after Okita leaves, and speak to the Gamber, and then head to Mukurogai to defeat the Ronin.350 Virtue
24The Panthers’ PlaymakerChapter 5Rakugai Region – SannochoComplete Substory 10: The Panthers’ Leading Man;
Head back home (Another Life) to receive a letter from a woman
Deliver 12 letters in the allotted time.360 Virtue
25The Sword NutChapter 3Rakugai Region – SannochoHead southwest of from the Gambling DenSpeak to the Odd Man and agree to his request to bring him unique swords.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
26The Battered DefenderChapter 5Rakugai Region – South UmekojichoTalk to the wounded man (Battered Defender)Give the Battered Defender a Vitality Pill– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
27The Mysterious MerchantChapter 7Rakugai Region – West UmekojichoProgress the main story until you’ve unlocked Another Life;
head southwest from where the Arms Dealer is and speak to the strange man hiding behind the shed
Deliver 10 Tomatoes to the mysterious merchant.
These tomatoes can be grown in your garden or purchased from the shop.
– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
– 2 Ryo
28The Hungry CatChapter 5Rakugai Region – East UmekojichoHead to the street right from Unyuan and walk up to the cat.Feed the cat some fish. You can either feed it store-bought fish or catch it yourself.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
29The Bad Side of TownChapter 5Mukurogai – 1st floorUnlocks automatically after your first visit. Head over to the path that’s left to the ferry.Defeat the group of bandits trying to rob you.250 Virtue
30Brawler for HireChapter 5Mukurogai – 1st floorComplete Substory 47: Ee Ja Nai Ka;
Speak to the Brawler standing southwest from Paradise.
Defeat the Brawler.300 Virtue
31Brawler IncarnateChapter 7Mukurogai – 1st floorComplete Substory 30: Brawler for Hire;
Speak to the tougher Brawler standing southwest from Paradise.
Defeat the Brawler.350 Virtue
32Brawler Enlightened
Chapter 10
Mukurogai – 1st floorComplete Substory 31: Brawler Incarnate;
Speak to the even tougher Brawler standing southwest from Paradise.
Defeat the Brawler.– 400 Virtue
– Berserker Charm
33Night of the Living Rumor / Fallen Warrior’s GhostChapter 7Mukurogai – 1st floorHead to the riverbank to overhear two men speaking about a mysterious entity that only appears at night.Head to the riverbank and brace yourself for a fight.– 350 Virtue
– Nishikigoi Amulet
34The Servile BeggerChapter 5Mukurogai – 1st floorSpeak to the Beggar who is sitting across from the Arms Dealer.Give him some food from your inventory.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
35The Trash DealerChapter 7Mukurogai – 1st floorHead over to the door that leads to Rakugai and speak to the Bald Man there.Give him any unwanted or “unnecessary” item from your inventory.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
36The Injured DogChapter 7Mukurogai – 1st floorProgress the main story until you’ve unlocked Another Life;
Approach the injured dog.
Give the injured dog some medicine.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship bond
37Death of the AuthorChapter 5Fushimi Region – Shinmachin (Teraday Inn – 2nd Floor)Speak to the author, Natsumi.Answer the following questions over multiple visits:

First Visit –
How about a literal underdog?

Second Visit –
He should be an animal too

Third Visit –
Answer: Cleavage
– 300 Virtue
– Broken Compass
– Fine Silk Fabric
– Charming Doll
38Precious PackagesChapter 7Fushimi Region – KuramachiComplete Substory 71: Diplomacy in Darkness;
head Northwest of Teraday Inn, where you’ll bump into two delivery men.
Since one of the delivery men leaves with the wrong package, you need to run up to him all the way to Mukurogai to give him the right one.
Then head over to the riverside, where a fight will ensue. You’ll then have to pick the following dialogue option before returning to the quest’s starting point:
No, I have to return this.
Great Serpent Skin
39A Clean StreakChapter 3Fushimi Region – YashikimachiTake a nice bath at the bathhouse, only to have your clothes stolen.Following the chase scene, make a run back to the bathhouse again.– 300 Virtue
– Crystal
40A Man and His SackChapter 3Fushimi Region – YashikimachiHead west of the General Goods store and look at the long line.Seeing that they’ve run out of stock, come back again later.
However, you’ll have no luck the second time, either. So, you must come back again for a third time.
After this, a chase scene will ensue.
300 Virtue
41All in the HipsChapter 2Fushimi Region – Fushimi IchigangaiEat at the restaurant once to form a bond with the chef. Then come back again to start the substory.Press the buttons in the order they appear on the screen.– 250 Virtue
– 10% discount
– Ramen minigame
42Invasion of the Black ShipsChapter 7Fushimi Region – South Fushimi IchibangaiHead to South Fushimi Ichibangai to overhear two men discussing an invasion.After offering a variety of remedies, give the man a Umeboshi from the Ichikura General Goods store.– 350 Virtue
– Precise Machinery
43It’s a Long StoryChapter 2Fushimi Region – South YashikimachiSpeak to Sakiko and listen to her story.You need to memorize parts of her story to be able to answer her questions correctly. Below are all the right answers:

Q1: How about you name just one of the food I said I started liking once I was grown up. That easy enough for you? 
A1: Bamboo Shoots

Q2: My old friend, Kotaro-chan, where did we reunite? 
A2: Outside a tea shop

Q3: Do you remember my name?
A3: Sakiko
– 300 Virtue
– Gold Sea
44It’s a Long Story Final ChapterChapter 2 Fushimi Region -South YashikimachiComplete Substory 43: It’s a Long Story.
Head to the same place as the last substory.
You’ll have to answer some more questions this time.

Q1: Then, what order did I list the three colors of the dango at the Otake Tea Parlor?
Red, White, and Green

Q2: All right then… how about this? Uji Tea Parlor’s specialty, the one that’s saved hundreds of lives in Kyo. What is it?

Q3: What was the name of my favorite mascot girl in Uji Tea Parlor?
A3: Sumire
– 300 Virtue
– Tear of the Dragon
45It’s a Long Story EpilogueChapter 2 Fushimi Region – South YashikimachiComplete Substory 44: It’s a Long Story Final Chapter.
Head to the same place as the last substory.
Sakiko will quiz you once more, so be prepared to answer the following questions:

Q1: Okay, first question! Do you remember what I’d been sneaking out to talk to every night?
 A scarecrow

Q2: Okay, next question. This one’ll be tougher! Do you remember Kotaro-chan’s favorite food?
A2: Pickled daikon

Q3: All right, last question. What did I catch when I tried fishing?
 A tuna
– 350 Virtue
– Golden Medicine Case
46Scented WaterChapter 5Fushimi Region – ShinmachiSpeak to the lady next to the ferryman.Offer to go to Mukurogai on her behalf and then take the ferry.
However, a fight will ensue when you reach Mukurogai, and you’ll have to make a run for it.
– 300 Virtue
– 3 Ryo
47Ee Ja Nai KaChapter 2Fushimi Region – North YashikimachiUnlocks when you head to Yashikimachi Main Street and notice the big crowd.Beat up the troublesome men that are harassing the shopkeeper.– Exquisite Cogwheel
– Friendship Bond
48The Way of the SammeraiChapter 7Fushimi Region – YashikimachiHead southwest of the dojo, next to Ebisu Pawnshop.
This substory is only available only during the daytime.
Spar with Tom.
You’ll need to fight him thrice, after which you’ll need to head to Fushimi Ichibangai for one last encounter.
– 400 Virtue
– Tom’s Trooper Card 
49The Last Stand of the PanthersChapter 5Fushimi Region – ShinmachiComplete Substory 24: The Panthers’ Playmaker.
Speak to the member of the Black Panther Couriers.
Make one last delivery for the Black Panther Couriers.
You’ll have to deliver 12 letters in the allotted time.
– 400 Virtue
– Great Serpent Skin
50The Desperate FishermanChapter 2Fushimi Region – ShinmachiSpeak to the desperate fisherman by the river in Shinmachi.Give him a fish from your inventory.
You can either catch it yourself or purchase it from a shop.
– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
51The Junk BoyChapter 2Fushimi Region – KuramachiSpeak to the sad little boy by Teradaya inn. He will ask you to give him anything he can play with. So feel free to hand him any item from your inventory.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
52The Wood CutterChapter 2Fushimi Region – South YashikimachiSpeak to the old woodcutter named Goshi.Since he is tired, you can offer to chop wood for him.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
53The Frequently Lost CourierChapter 3Fushimi Region – ShinmachiSpeak to the Lost Courier by the riverbank.Your first encounter will involve giving him directions.
Return to the same spot after a while and help him with his deliveries.
For this, you must deliver a package to Kankichi-san in Yashikimachi.
– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
54The Patient DogChapter 5Fushimi Region – YashikimachiProgress the main story until you’ve unlocked Another Life;
Interact with the distressed dog near Ebisu Pawn Shop.
Give the dog some food from your inventory.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
55The Filthy CatChapter 7Fushimi Region – South YashikimachiProgress the main story until you’ve unlocked Another Life;
Interact with the filthy cat on the pier in Fushimi.
Give the filthy cat a bath.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
56Finders WeepersChapter 5GionProgress through Another Life to reach Rank 4 of Haruka’s Trust.
You must head to the Kamo River shrine and pick up the diary from the floor to start this subquest.
Once you’ve picked up the diary, you must interact with the mysterious owner over multiple sessions.

Q1: First of all, what do I think about unrequited love? What do I think about it, deep down…?
A1: All love is precious

Q2: Now that she’s feeling more positive about love, I’ll tell her something else.
Try getting to know him

Q3: Well, let me think about it. How to proclaim one’s love…
A3: Better to be simple and direct.

You’ll then have to leave Gion and return to the same spot to conclude the subquest.
350 Virtue
57Soft and SuppleChapter 5GionGo slightly ahead of the Yamabuki brothel.None of the dialogue options in this substory matter, as it ends in a fight anyway.– 300 Virtue
– 3 Ryo
58The Revolutionary ChefChapter 5GionUnlocks automatically when you meet the chef in Gion.Prepare a meal for the chef.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
59The Sexy MadamChapter 5GionSpeak to the Woman standing next to the tree that’s slightly ahead of Kitchen Aoba.Give the woman a cucumber.
It can be from your farm or bought from the store.
– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
– Vitality Pill
60It’s What’s On the InsideChapter 5MibuThe substory will kick off with a woman’s scream. You must then speak to Aguri and Suzu to progress the quest.Prepare for a trip to Rakunai to help Aguri confess his feelings to Suzu.
You must pick the following choice during your conversation:

Q1: Maybe there’s something I can say to encourage him?
A1: Have faith in Suzu 

After this, you will learn that Suzu is being held hostage by a samurai named Ikesugi. So you must step in and help Aguri defeat the goons.
– 400 Virtue
– Gion Hood
61Hope Blossoms AgainChapter 5MibuHead past the shrine and continue walking up the hill until you hear a dog barking.You will learn that a few thugs have killed an old couple’s dog. After sizing them up, find the perfect cherry blossom tree for the old couple to bury their dog. Luckily, there’s one right here in your home at Another Life. Speak to Haruka and then let the old couple know of its location.– 350 Virtue
– Double Worship Talisman
62A Warlord’s AmbitionN/AAnother LifeProgress the main story until you’ve unlocked Another Life;
The substory unlocks automatically once you’ve prepared at least 10 meals.
Complete the cooking minigame by cooking 3 fish for Okehazama. You need to get at least 2 “Great” results to unlock all the rewards.– 350 Virtue
– Dragon Whisker
63The Boy Who Cried BearChapter 5MibuComplete Substory 60: It’s What’s On the Inside;
Head west of the shrine in Mibu to overhear a son and father’s conversation.
The boy swears he saw a bear. And once you’ve spoken to him, the bear really does appear. You will need to defeat the bear to complete this quest.– 350 Virtue
– Inviting Hat
64Mama RyomaChapter 5MibuApproach the kids playing by the restaurant. You must then agree to play the game of “House” with the three children.You will need to play the role of the “Mother” and the “Wife”.
Below are all the right answers:

A1: Vegetables, potatoes, and tofu
A2: How was work?

After playing the game, you will agree to help one of the girls by beating down the samurai who has been shaking down her family.
350 Virtue
65The AmnesiacChapter 4KiyomizuFind and interact with the unconscious man on your way to the Kiyomizu Temple.
Give him some medicine or health item from your inventory.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
– Dead Branch
66The Boy Who Loves VeggiesChapter 5MibuSpeak to the veggie-loving boy east of Mibu.Give the kid some vegetables from your inventory.– 150 Virtue
– Friendship Bond
67The Spitfire Debt CollectorChapter 4Rakunai Region – North UmekojichoComplete Substory 69: The Spitfire Town Protector;
Unlocks when you approach the entrance of Kurogane Smithing
Agree to help Otami’s husband, Zenji, by beating up the goons that swindled him.

Shinohara and his goons can be found outside a betting parlor.
– 300 Virtue
– 3 ryo
68The Spitfire Lie DetectorChapter 5 Rakunai Region – North UmekojichoComplete Substory 67: The Spitfire Debt Collector;
head back to the blacksmith’s and speak to Yae.
Shinohara and his goons will be waiting for you outside, so beat them up to complete the quest.
Be careful, though, as there will be a lot of enemies to fight this time.
– 350 Virtue
– 3 ryo
69The Spitfire Town ProtectorChapter 4Rakugai Region – UmekojichoHead to the chicken racing den in Umekojicho and speak to Yae.Beat up the scary men.– 300 Virtue
– 3 ryo
70The Captain and the CuriousChapter 5Fushimi Region – Fushimi IchibangaiSpeak to the Carefree Foreigner named Satow. He can be found in Fushimi’s Umai Udon.You will need to defend Satow against Kawakami by fighting as his proxy.
Doing this quest will unlock Memoirs for you to collect across town.
– 300 Virtue
– Writings of an Amateur Historian memoir
– Unlocks Substory 71 & 72
71Diplomacy in DarknessChapter 7Fushimi Region – Fushimi IchibangaiComplete Substory 70: The Captain and the Curious;

Memoir completion between 86 and 92%
You will learn that your drinking buddy Satow has been kidnapped.
You must rescue him by fighting the Samurai and his goons in Mukurogai.
350 Virtue
72A Lasting Thirst for PeacePost GameFushimi Region – Fushimi IchibangaiComplete Substory 71: Diplomacy in Darkness;

Memoir completion at 96%.
Head to Umai Udon in Fushimi for one last drink with your friend Satow.
A tough fight will soon ensue, so make adequate preparations.
– Kiwami Hammer
– A Letter from the Right Honorable Sir E. Satow
Like a Dragon: Ishin! List of All Substories

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