Best Weapons to Equip in Like A Dragon: Ishin!

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Here are all the best weapons you can unlock in Like A Dragon: Ishin!

The Yakuza series has always been famous for its combat style and storyline. In fact, Like a Dragon: Inshin has been crowned as the game with the best combat style among all other games. The combat does feature four different types or forms, which include various kinds of weapons.

Like a Dragon: Inshin! It does have a long list of missions, side quests, and enemies you will have to defeat in the game. So understanding which weapon will go best with your combat style is essential. So below, we have made a complete guide on all the best weapons in Like a Dragon: Inshin!

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Best Weapons in Like a Dragon: Inshin!

As there are 4 different sets of combat styles in Like a Dragon: Inshin, the game has many weapons to choose from. You can find these weapons at shops, inside the arms Market, or you can craft them yourself in the Blacksmith shop. Each weapon has different effects, so make sure you know what they are before you equip them.

10) Lightning Needle

The lightning Needle can bring down lighting and shock enemies to their cores. This spear and its thunder element can be quite the combo if you use its heat attacks well. Lightning Needle has unique heat attacks that will let you block incoming attacks and allow you to counter them with multiple combos.

How to get

Players can craft this weapon at the Blacksmiths Shop, or you can also obtain its great version during the boss fight in chapter 12 of the main story mission. However, you will need 1 Jet Black Belt, 10 Sturdy Lumbers, 5 Driftwood, and the Cross Spear to craft this weapon.

9) Bonbori Lantern

Like a Dragon: Inshin has a long list of weapons and it also has special weapons like the Bonbori Latern you can use to kick ass. This lantern is a hard-hitting stick you can use to destroy your opponents. The Bonbori Lantern adds up the wind and poison elements together to give your enemies nightmares.

How to get

You can craft it at the Blacksmith shop using 2 Crimson Bead, 10 Thousand-Year Tree Branch, and 10 Sacred Wood

8) Dragon Hawk

If you are looking for a gun with fast reload time with a long-range then look no further. The Dragon Hawk is durable and robust, allowing you to fire multiple bullets with one shot. Unique perks, like allowing you to fire multiple bullets, make Dragon Hawk a must-have in your arsenal to take down a horde of enemies in one go. This gun also does the most damage among all other guns in this class which makes it a no-brainer for players.

How to get

You can craft it at the Blacksmith Shop using 5 Dragon Fang and one Precise Machinery.

7) Oni-Maru

As you fight different kinds of enemies in Like a Dragon: Ishin, you will come across enemies which will be heavily armored, and it can be tough to deal with them. For enemies with extra fortification, Oni-Maru is the perfect weapon as it can pierce through their defenses and do high bits of damage.

Oni-Maru has the highest damage output out of all the Katana weapons. However, thanks to its perks, you can add more power to your blows, not allowing your enemies to settle down or block while you attack.

How to get

You can get this by crafting it at the Blacksmiths using 1 Charming Doll, 10 Gold Chunks, and 5 Platinum Filings.

Like a Dragon Ishin! Weapons
Credits- SEGA

6) Murasame

Talking about Katanas, swords are better, if not worse, in this game, and among them, Murasame is one of the top swords you can find. Mursame has a unique perk where it does 20% additional damage to armored enemies and has a base attack power of 980. Murasame’s deadly poisonous attacks can be very effective, especially in the later half of the game, where you must be very clinical about your weapons.

How to get

You can craft it at the Blacksmith Shop using 1 Tear of the Dragon, 10 Gold Chunk, and 5 Platinum Filings

5) Golden Gun

Golden Gun might be the only pistol one worth using in this title. Golden Gun not only deals a good amount of damage but also consumes low amount of Heat Gauge. You can keep this weapon at a distance and slowly drain your enemy’s HP away. Being a pistol, it still has a base attack power of 515 which is one of the highest among other guns, and it is the perfect weapon you could use to regain the image of your clan.

How to get

You can trade it for 100,000 Wooden tags at the gambling Hall.

4) Masamune

Like all other Katanas in this list, this one packs a punch, and is worth keeping in your arsenal. Heat Attacks and the Heat gauge are the most essential elements in the game. Masamune has an ability that helps you fillup the heat meter 14% faster. When you compare it to other weapons, the damage output lacks behind. But still, how it increases your Heat gauge indeed makes up for that low damage.

How to get

You can get this weapon by crafting it at the Blacksmith using 1 Jet Black Belt, 10 Gold Chunks, 5 Platinum Filings, and the Eternal Gold.

3) Golden Sword

Golden weapons have a genre, marking the premium sector of firearms in the Yakuza series. Not only are the golden weapons rare to find, but they are one of the most potent weapons in the game. Golden Sword has an attack base damage that exceeds 1000. The perks of this sword will allow you to make the regular combos even deadlier with lots of damage done in one go.

How to get

You can get this weapon at the Arena.

2) Eternal Gold

Of course, it’s another katana you can use to slice fruits or your enemies into half. However, this katana has perks that come with a twist. Eternal Gold will help you charge your Heat Gauge faster by 7% usually, and increases this to 14% if your character is drunk enough. So start putting those sake shots into your belly, and time to become Jackie chan, the drunken Yakuza.

How to get

You will get it after defeating the boss in chapter 6 of the main story. You can also craft it using 1 Gold Dust, 5 Precious Steel, and the Radiant Drunkard.

1) Blade of the Shogun

As sick as the name sounds, the weapon is also badass and deserves the number one spot among all other weapons in Like a Dragon: Ishin. This weapon has an impressive base attack of 1045 and packs a good punch when you slice your opponent. The best part about this weapon is that you can increase the damage of all lightning attacks by 75%.

How to get

You can also craft this weapon at the blacksmith using 5 Golden Medicine Cases and 1 Rainbow Shard.

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