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Wondering how to level up fast in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Look no further.

When you talk about Japanese roleplaying games, Yakuza is at the top. The Yakuza series has known not only for its great combat but its storyline and immersive world. The latest installment from the Yakuza series is here, and with it comes a brand new adventure for fans to ponder upon.

Yakuza games also have been known for providing different ways for their fans to enjoy the game, including several activities, from playing cards to poker to darts. Apart from being fun, these also allow players to level up faster. Moreover, if you’re wondering what are the best ways to farm XP in Like a Dragon: Ishin, below we made a complete guide on it.

How To Level Up Fast in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Ishin Like a Dragon combines the old era with the modern combat style and environment. You will take control of a former Samurai on the journey to redeem his clan’s name and honor. Like a Dragon: Ishin features a gripping storyline, action-packed missions, and fun activities to do in the game. You can check out the best ways to farm XP in the game below:

Combat XP

A significant part of the XP comes from the ratings after the end of each mission. These ratings depend on how well you perform in the game’s combat. Now Combat is mainly filled up with three primary conditions: Attack, Defense, and Technique, and below, we have explained each completely.


The attack condition depends on the number of combo chains you can successfully do without getting hit. Make sure you do as many combo chains as possible during the combat to make this part of the combat rating system in your favor.


Defense in this game is rated by the number of parries and dodges you can do during any fight. Ensure you do at least 6 parries or dodges in a row to get an A rating. The good thing here is it will not matter how much damage you take during the battles; it does not affect your rating in Defense. Just make sure you do enough parries or dodging.


Like A Dragon Ishin features special skill attacks that will use up your heat gauge during a battle. The key here is filling up your heat gauge during a fight, then doing at least 2 of them to get an overall B rating and A if you manage to get 3.

Inshin Like a Dragon! combat
Credits- SEGA

Doing Side Quests

Like every other Yakuza game, this one also features a massive list of side missions you can complete and earn XP from. Apart from getting XP just by finishing them, remember to get a good overall rating in the combat to maximize the XP farming while doing side quests.

Battle Dungeons

The last way to earn XP in the game is by using Battle Dungeon. So what is Battle Dungeon? It is where you can do missions and earn lots of XP. This one is the most useful among all the ways mentioned above, as it also gives you other loot.

Even though the missions get more challenging as your progress through them, they are still worth finishing. You can unlock battle Dungeons once you reach Chapter 5 and start your journey to becoming a master of these missions.

Apart from all the ways you can get XP, if you are wondering how many Trophies and Achievements there are in Like a Dragon Ishin! You can check out our article on it here: Like A Dragon: Ishin – All Trophies and Achievements.

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