Legendary Neon Inferno Pyke Skin Leaked

Neon Inferno Pyke is the next Legendary Skin that has been accidentally leaked to be released later.

Riot has always made new skin lines to add to League of Legends ever since the past few years. These skins tend to have a different style and color scheme to maintain a theme based on the name of the skin line.

For example, we have had the Bewitching Skins, which represented Halloween. Then, there are skin lines like the Pool Party skins, Battle Academia skins, and so on. All these skin lines take up a theme and move forward with that.

Now that season 12 is almost with only a few patches remaining; there are already some leaks suggesting that we might get a new ‘Cyberpunk’ themed skin line called Neon Inferno.

So far, we know that a Prestige Skin for Neon Inferno Jhin was revealed earlier. And now, Neon Inferno Pyke was revealed to be in the works with a new leak. Furthermore, it is going to be a Legendary skin.

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Neon Inferno Pyke Skin

There is not a whole lot we know about the skin so far. The leaks came out as an accident, thus remains very unclear as to what it would look like. Julex Gameplays revealed the texture for the Neon Inferno Pyke Legendary Skin.

Following up on this, SkinSpotlights showed the texture models for the skin. Beware that the model is broken because the UV mapping is not done right yet.

Thus, all we know is what the skin model will look like, its color scheme, and that it will be a Legendary skin. Most of the information known is relatively unfinished so far.

We will know more about the skin and the skin line soon, so make sure to check us on Twitter.


Neon Inferno Pyke skin will be a Legendary skin, and just like other Legendary skins, it will cost 1820 RP.

Release Date

There have been no leaks about the release date thus far. Looking at most of the released information, this is still very early into the development and design process. So, we will have to wait and see when they will release the skin. We will know more soon in the coming month or so.

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