LoL Lee Sin ASU is Coming In May 2024

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Lee Sin ASU is finally coming in early May this year as Riot reveals their plans for LoL season 2024.

League of Legends has been evolving ever since it was released in 2009. Not only do we have almost thrice the champion count, but the map, graphics, gameplay philosophy – everything has undergone tremendous transformation and keeps on doing so. One of the side effects of this positive change is how the early champions often have outdated looks and gameplay designs when you compare them with the modern ones.

For example, Annie is one of the oldest Lol champions. Her abilities are point-and-click, raw damage, or utilities. The abilities and her passive, in and of itself, are quite straightforward. Compare this to something like Aphelios, who has five guns, each with different mechanics and interaction with each other.

Moreover, new champions like Briar, Vex, Naafiri, and Hwei look worlds apart when it comes to in-game models because the engine itself has evolved to allow for such pleasant designs.

But the older champions have lagged in both visual and gameplay. But Riot has been slowly but steadily resolving these issues through ASU, VGU, and CGU. ASU (Art and Sustainability Update) consists of updates on the model, voiceover, animation, splash, etc. If any of these stand the test of time, then they are kept intact.

Ahri recently got her ASU. VGU (Visual and Gameplay Update is an ASU plus gameplay update. So you are looking at new abilities and how the champion is played overall. For example, Udyr. Then there’s CGU (Comprehensive Gameplay Update) which is VGU done on a broader scale and includes an overhaul in art, lore, narrative, concept – everything. The Aurelion Sol rework was an example of CGU.

Riot promised last year that Lee Sin would get an ASU. In the latest ‘Look Ahead‘ video, they have shed some more light on it. In this article, I will be debriefing you on it.

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LoL Lee Sin ASU

Lee Sin is one of the most earliest and popular champions in the game. Yet his model looks like a relic from the prehistoric age.

Riot is going to change his base model, including his skins, and scale it up to modern standards. The visual effects and animations will also be improved to the extent it doesn’t affect his gameplay in any way.

With that said, let’s take a look at how some of his default and base skins would look after the ASU in the game.

Lee Sin Base Model ASU
image credit: riot games

As you can see, even his base model looks so much more detailed with a pleasant color palette.

God Fist Lee Sin ASU
image credit: riot games

Likewise, his God Fist skin looks bright and vibrant with enhanced art and colors.

Traditional Lee Sin ASU
image credit: riot games

Traditional Lee Sin looks like an epic-tier skin here. That’s quite an improvement, given how bad it looks currently.

Acolyte Lee Sin ASU
image credit: riot games

Acolyte Lee Sin, in my opinion, will get the best glow-up. The assassin-like wear with distinct color and texture looks amazing.

Overall, the ASU seems to be a very high-quality project from Riot’s end, with massive improvements all around.

When Will Lee Sin ASU be Live?

According to Riot Games, Lee Sin’s ASU is almost complete, and he’ll be coming out in early May 2024.

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