LEC Summer 2022 Week 1 Power Rankings

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The LEC is back from Friday as the teams duke it out for three Worlds spots

LEC Spring 2022 ended in a surprise as G2 swept through the league. Despite that, they had a decent performance at MSI and they return to compete for a spot at Worlds. Teams have made changes to make a run for a Worlds spot and we are here to see it. Let’s talk about our power rankings as we approach week 1 of LEC Summer 2022.

Week 1 Power Rankings

Given how MSI 2022 and LEC Spring 2022 panned out, we can gauge which teams will be at the top of the league. The bigger question regarding the upcoming split will be whether there will be any surprises. Thus, without further ado, let’s talk about our power rankings.

1. G2 Esports

G2 showed us at the end of Spring 2022 and at MSI that they are capable of great heights. This team is talented and with Jankos, Caps, and Broken Blade, they can be a dominant team. However, they spiraled out of control at the end of MSI and that was a bitter ending to the tournament. The team is going to get better and the meta is going to be interesting given G2 is known for wild picks. Hence, they should be a great team to watch this split.

2. Fnatic

The second-ranked team on our list is Fnatic, as the superteam tries to perform better this time around. There were a lot of rumors surrounding Fnatic changing junglers but that has not happened yet. Razork definitely has the pressure on him to perform given he was reportedly on the chopping block. However, the bigger thing for this team will be consistency as they can be too volatile to a fault. Let’s hope we see a better Fnatic in Summer 2022.

3. Rogue

Rogue had a solid Spring split with a few changes. It seems they have found their stride with Malrang and Comp and Larssen stepping up. There will be more to see from this team hopefully. However, the one thing Rogue needs to do is to perform better in the playoffs. They often come short there and we hope that they will be a better late-season team. Other than that, Rogue is definitely going to be in the mix for Worlds 2022.

4. MAD Lions

Surprisingly, MAD is 4th on our list even though they did not make playoffs in Spring. However, getting Nisqy is just a big upgrade and this should make them a much better team. The meta also feels like it suits them as Nisqy will be free to play a lot of picks in mid-lane and Elyoya will be free to control the tempo. If MAD keeps their improving trajectory, we could see them at Worlds but they have to make a deep run to the playoffs to do so.

5. Team Vitality

Vitality comes in 5th in our list as they make jungle changes to meet the expectations of the superteam. Now they have Haru and Bo for the future and it’s a surprising change. To us, the problem was not Selfmade but rather the solo lanes not performing up to par. So it’s really up in the air whether it works but if it does, we could see a strong team going into the playoffs.

6. Misfits Gaming

MSF comes in at 6th with Misfits trying to make a run into the playoffs and potentially Worlds. They made a top lane change by bringing in Irrelevant for the ERLs and taking the next step for the team. Vetheo is still a top mid laner and whether Misfits can replicate the last split will be one to watch in Summer 2022.

7. Excel Esports

Despite making playoffs last split, Excel ends up at 7th for us. It’s due to MAD Lions making an upgrade for the team but Excel could still make the playoffs. They got better as the split went on and they fought Vitality in the Spring 2022 playoffs. The bigger question with Excel is whether they can take the next step and compete at the highest level.

8. SK Gaming

Our eighth team on the list is SK as they try to improve as a team and potentially make playoffs. It’s a tall order for the team but we have Gilius and Treatz perform before and there is a bit of optimism to see that again. However, it’s going to be tough as there are stronger teams in the LEC than them. So, let’s hope we see a better SK in Summer 2022.

9. Astralis

The ninth team on our list is Astralis as they make many changes to the team to improve. Vizicsacsi is the new top laner, Xerxe comes back to the LEC to be the jungle and they have a promising young support in JeongHoon for the LCK Challengers. It’s a rebuilding time for Astralis and to see if Dajor and JeongHoon develop as players.

10. Team BDS

BDS made two changes as Agresivoo and Erdote join the team in the top lane and support respectively. These are long-needed changes for the team to take a step forward. However, they have a lot to prove this split in order to be higher on this list. Let’s hope we do see that happen.

In Conclusion

The new LEC split promises to be a good one with a new meta, new faces, old faces in new teams, and so on. The schedule for Week 1 of the LEC Summer Split 2022 is as follows

All we hope is that we get a competitive split with many teams vying for a Worlds spot. Thus, LEC Summer 2022 starts with Team Vitality vs MAD Lions, a cracker of a match to start off the split. Here is to a great split of the LEC.

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