LCK Summer 2022 Week 1 Power Rankings

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The LCK 2022 season restarts on the 15th as the LCK teams fight for a Worlds spot.

With MSI 2022 wrapped up quite a while back, the leagues are starting to start back up as LCK Summer 2022 is slated to start on the 15th of June. There is a lot of anticipation around this split, especially surrounding the return of Nuguri. There is a lot to watch for the upcoming split but the best place to start would be a power rankings list. Let’s talk about our power rankings going into week 1 of LCK Summer 2022.

Week 1 Power Rankings

Unlike other regions, LCK tends to be fairly steady and the teams generally stack up as we expect them to. However, the split often has a few twists and turns and it will be interesting to see how LCK Summer 2022 pans out. For now, our power rankings for the Summer Split are as follows.

1. T1

MSI 2022 Finalists T1 are first and it’s not a surprise. Despite their rocky performances and weird drafts at the tournament, they should still be the frontrunners in the LCK. The two big questions regarding this team is whether T1’s struggles at MSI open up other teams to topple them and whether they can adapt to a new meta. Other than that, this team is still extremely talented and they should be at Worlds 2022.

2. Gen.G

LCK Spring 2022 Finalists Gen.G comes in at 2nd. With the roster that they have, they would be motivated to do better this split, particularly trying to win the split. They have the talent to do that and they are the team that tends to play, unlike many LCK teams. Gen.G is very volatile and that could give them the edge against T1 and DK. If everything clicks, it would not be a shock if Gen.G just outright wins the LCK.


DK comes in 3rd even though the hype around the team would elevate them in other people’s eyes. However, there are more questions about this team that T1 or Gen.G. Nuguri took a break and it will be interesting as to how he comes back and performs from his hiatus. Meanwhile, DK had its problems in the Spring Split and they will need to iron out their shot calling and other stuff. If they can get it going, DK is going to be a juggernaut in the LCK.

4. DRX

While DRX bombed out of the Spring 2022 Playoffs, they are still one of the best rosters in the LCK. The series against KDF should have given them an understanding of what to improve on. Deft and Beryl is the strength of this team but Zeka and Kingen will have to improve. They will definitely be in the running for the 4th team slot of Worlds but there is some very good opposition for that in the LCK.

5. Kwangdong Freecs

KDF comes in at 5th despite their performance against DRX in Spring 2022 playoffs. There is enough to like about the team with their solo laners being so dominant. The question with this team will always be the jungle as Eliim did not really play as well as he needs to for the team to succeed. KDF is also likely thinking of a support swap for the main lineup given they brought in Moham from their challenger team. With Worlds being their aim, they will be a strong contender to be one of those teams in the mix for a spot.

6. Fredit Brion

Despite BRO not being as talented as many of the other teams, they compensate with very good team play and UmTi and Morgan being exceptional. This team is really stable and steady with any of their players carrying the load at any given time. However, with the individual skill discrepancy, it is harder for them to win against the top teams at times. Let’s hope we see them improve and challenge the top of the league to make Worlds.

7. Nongshim RedForce

NS came close to making the Spring Playoffs last time. The roster is talented with the likes of BDD, Canna, and Ghost on the team. With a head coaching change, they are hoping to improve as a team. At times, they played like the team had split decisions or the players just looked lost at times. Let’s hope this team improves and these talented players have a chance to make the playoffs.

8. KT Rolster

This team has a lot to work on even though there is plenty of talent on the team. Rascal was definitely a highlight in Spring and it will be up to the rest of the KT team to step up. The one concern with the team is that KT played better when VicLa joined the team and Aria has to improve and adapt to give the team what is required of him. They could make the playoffs but it will be a tall order in Summer.

9. Hanwha Life Esports

HLE was very competitive in the LCK despite most people counting them out. OnFleek played extremely well but this team is just trying to build up and improve in Summer. Playoffs could happen but it is unlikely. With the potential to be a better team, maybe they can cause enough chaos in the leaderboard to sneak into the playoffs. Other than that, they still need a lot of work as a team to get a spot in the playoffs.

10. Liiv SANDBOX

LSB is definitely the weakest team in the LCK given how they performed in Spring. They are bringing back Prince and that says a lot for their bot lane going forward. Croco is still an amazing player but there is too much work needed for this team to succeed.

In Conclusion

LCK Summer 2022 has a fight incoming for the first spot. T1, while favorites have work to do after their up and down MSI 2022. Meanwhile, Gen.G had more time to gel together as a team and DK is bringing in Nuguri. With four Worlds spot on the table, teams will fight for it and we are here to watch all of it. LCK Summer 2022 starts off on the 15th with KDF vs HLE.

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