LPL Summer 2022 Week 1 Power Rankings

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After a break from the ending of MSI, LPL Summer Split starts on the 10th of June.

The 2022 season of the LPL is restarting with the Summer Split on June 10th. We are in for a new split with a few changes to many rosters, including the MSI Champions Royal Never Give Up making a move. We will be talking more about the changes in another article. Hence, for this one, we will talk about our power rankings for LPL Summer 2022 going into Week 1.

Week 1 Power Rankings

With RNG winning MSI and teams making changes, it is time for the power rankings going into Week 1 of LPL Summer 2022. Let’s talk about our power rankings as it is shown in the image below.

1. Royal Never Give Up

The MSI champions are unsurprisingly at the top of the LPL. Their performance at the tournament was exceptional and they were trending in the right direction. What might throw a wrench in their dominance is the surprising mid-season swap of Bin for Breathe. While Breathe is an excellent top laner, coming into a new team and getting settled is going to be a tall order.

Regardless, RNG deserves to be top of the LPL going into weeks 1 and 2. It will be more about how much they ramp up and get Breathe into the swing of things.

2. Top Esports

TES is definitely in the hunt of winning the LPL Summer Split after coming short in Spring. Their early game is the highlight of the last split and they should improve given the roster has more time to play together. They are still really volatile as a team and have really high ceiling but also a lower floor. So, it’s all about consistency with TES and we should expect that from them. They will be one of the top contenders for winning this split.

3. Weibo Gaming

Despite not doing great last split in the playoffs, there are still high hopes for this team. They are a fun team to watch at times but they have their flaws. It will be up to SoFM to really step it up after a rocky split and show he is still a top jungler. Last split, the blueprint to beat Weibo was to go top lane and snowball that. This is the test for the coaching staff and the players to come prepared and come out as a better team.

4. JD Gaming

JDG really caught fire last split and kept it going for a lot of the playoffs. Kanavi was making a case for being the best jungler in the LPL and Hope has really changed how this team plays. The only question with the team is 369. When he gets the attention from the jungler, he plays well. Otherwise, it is a huge problem as 369’s laning can be an issue. If they can keep the top side safe, this is a really good team and a contender to win the LPL.

5. Victory Five

Although V5 falling down on the rankings is a shock to most people, it makes sense considering Rookie will miss a good chunk of the split. The unfortunate situation that led to Rookie being unavailable for the start of the split drops them down quite a bit. Now, it will depend a lot on Karsa and the rest of the team when their most stable carry is not available. These next few weeks will determine where V5 ends up and that might decide what they do in the playoffs.

6. EDward Gaming

EDG is coming into another split with the exact same roster as 2021. Junjia rejoins the team and it seems EDG is just trying to find their form back once more. They will want to regain that championship mentality and come back strong to make it back to Worlds to defend their title. However, with so many strong teams in the LPL, it is pretty hard to do that. Only time will tell what EDG will bring onto the table in Summer 2022.

7. LNG Esports

LNG did not meet expectations last split and will want to get up there in terms of contention. They are still a very talented team but the parts have to fit better. Ale cannot be the coinflip player that he has been and Tarzan has to be the best jungler in the LPL. Light was LNG’s best player last year and that says a lot. Thus, LNG has an uphill battle going into the Summer Split.

8. Bilibili Gaming

Despite swapping Breathe for Bin, BLG has a bit of an identity crisis to solve. While they are talented as a team, they have no playstyle that they can gear towards. Maybe the switch to Bin will help them find some stability as a team. Thus, they are a middle-of-the-pack team for now. Whether they can elevate themselves is going to be interesting to watch.

9. Rare Atom

RA really showed that they are a solid team last this. This split will be about taking the next step and improving. Strive showed real promise as a mid lane but the consistency of the bot lane is a bit of a concern. They are going to be a good team going forward but how good will they be is one to watch this split.

10. Anyone’s Legend

AL was showing some really positive signs late into the last split. However, with it being too late to make the playoffs, it was still a lot of momentum gained for Summer. Whether they improved during the break will be worth watching. We should definitely see a better showing from them this time around.

11. Oh My God

OMG is 11th on our list as things can be pretty shaky for them. They are a fairly inconsistent team at times despite Shanji and Aki showing their potential in many games. The problem is that Creme seems to be in a rough spot, particularly when he cannot play assassins. With his limited champion pool and the inconsistency of the team, it’s hard to tell if OMG will make the playoffs. They will be on the hunt for sure, but with teams getting better it’s going to be a harder journey.

12. Ultra Prime

With the acquisition of Zoom, this team should trend upwards. They were a competitive team last split but did not make the cut for the playoffs. However, with a different and better top laner, things might change. It will be worth watching whether UP can make a push to the playoffs.

13. Team WE

WE made a bunch of changes going into Summer 2022. With Beishang coming back to the team and them getting Smlz and Reheal, we might see a new bot lane. Thus, WE should be an improved team from the last split. However, the problems Biubiu has as a top laner are still a concern and with the LPL being as competitive as it is, it will be hard for WE to make it into the playoffs.

14. FunPlus Phoenix

Despite making the playoffs, FPX definitely looked shaky as the split went on during Spring. Now they have swapped out Gori and Summit is rumored to come in later during the split, they might get better. However, given how they played later on in Spring, it is unlikely they make the playoffs. We will have to see whether the team steps up and makes the playoffs.

15. Invictus Gaming

IG is still in its development year and they showed signs of improvement. However, it is still too early for this rendition of the team to make the playoffs. Thus, Summer 2022 will be all about development and progress for the team.

16. ThunderTalk Gaming

TT made a lot of changes as a team. They brought in a new head coach and new players in hopes to improve as a team. Getting the prospects is definitely the right direction but how far will they go is the question. All in all, this is just a step forward for the team, and will be interesting to see how they develop.

17. LGD Gaming

At times, LGD looks like a competitive enough team but for the most part, they are not. They are still trying to find their players for the future and it is going on for a while now. Let’s hope they improve as a team and are not last. For now, they are definitely the least talented team in the LPL.

In Conclusion

Yet again, we are in for a great split of LPL. There are a lot of contenders for winning the split and it is hard to call which four teams will make Worlds. Thus, LPL Summer 2022 will be worth a watch and we hope our power rankings give a bit of insight going into the start of the LPL Summer Split 2022.

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