LEC Summer 2022 Power Rankings for Week 3 and 4

The LEC has had an interesting two weeks as we approach Week 3 of the LEC tomorrow.

LEC is ready to kick off Week 3, as the first two weeks have certainly changed expectations. Excel Esports is riding high while MAD Lions have had quite the bounce-back split. Meanwhile, G2 Esports remains strong, barring a mishap or two. So let’s talk about how that has changed our power rankings going into Weeks 3 and 4.

Power Rankings For Week 3 and 4

We have had quite the risers based on the last two weeks. Excel and MAD jump up while Fnatic and Rogue slip. Other than that, the shocking demise of Misfits is the only thing that jumps out. Our power rankings are as below.

1. Excel Esports

XL has come out in Summer with a bang. Their early game has been sensational regardless of who they play, and their early game looks like one of the best amongst all teams in major regions. It seems like the BootCamp in Korea paid off. Markoon has been very aggressive as a jungle, and Nukeduck has embraced the roaming style. Meanwhile, Patrik has indeed become the primary carry of the team. Thus, they deserve to be top of the LEC for now.

Excel only plays Rogue, one of the prospective top 4 teams, in weeks 3 and 4, so expect them to keep up with their winning streak. It’s great to see Excel Esports taking the next team forward.

2. MAD Lions

Given MAD’s schedule in the first two weeks, they have been excellent for most of their games. The loss to Rogue was just unfortunate, but XL did outplay them last week. MAD has to shrug off the loss to Excel and move forward to face G2 in Week 3. Nisqy has changed life for MAD as they look more in sync and more organized.

As they approach their match against G2, this game could determine where they stand in the first round-robin. Regardless, this team looks like a top 3 team in the LEC right now. That bodes well, considering they need a high seed in the split to get a good playoff spot to make Worlds. All in all, this team should get better as the team practices more and adapts to their mistakes.

3. G2 Esports

The MSI finalists started Summer well until their loss to BDS. Thus far, they have only played Excel, Rogue and Vitality in terms of prospective playoff teams. While they looked great against them, Rogue and Vitality are not in the greatest of forms. Regardless, G2 still looks like a top 3 team, and they will get better as they adjust to the meta.

Week 3 will be their biggest week for the rest of the first round-robin as they play Fnatic and MAD Lions. If they win both games, they will be the top team in the LEC for a while. Even if they lose to Fnatic and MAD, there should not be too many concerns for them in the future.

4. Fnatic

Fnatic has not had the ideal start to the split thus far. Their losses to Excel and MAD show that they still have things to work on. Their gameplay is all over the place at times, and consistency is vital for them. However, they have gotten many tough matchups out of the way, so now they can focus on winning and building up some momentum.

The game against G2 in Week 3 is undoubtedly the week’s biggest match. Fnatic could reclaim some of their bad losses by winning against G2. Also, losing to them this early on in the split should not be too much of a worry as long as they finish the split strong.

5. Rogue

RGE starts with a tough schedule as they played some of the top teams in the league. The win against MAD was a bit lucky, but you take that. They should start racking up some wins now as they face weaker competition. However, the team does not look very dialled in, so they have to fix that going forward.

They play Excel and Vitality in Week 3 and 4, respectively. With Excel being in such fine form, Rogue will have to up their game. If Rogue wins both games, they put themselves back in the top 3 conversations. If they lose both games, they remain top 6 in most scenarios. As long as Rogue performs well enough in the regular season, they will be fine going into playoffs. For Rogue, as usual, only playoff results will truly matter.

6. Team Vitality

Vitality is in a bit of an adjustment period with a new jungler at the helm. Bringing Haru has stabilized their gameplay, but it is still not good enough to contend at the top. G2, MAD, and XL utterly outplayed them, which does not bode well going forward. Although they are beating the teams they are supposed to win against, it won’t take this team to where they aspire to be. Going forward, all we have to see from Vitality is improvement.

Week 4 is the pivotal week for this team as they play Rogue and Fnatic. They are holding things steady in Week 3, and winning one if not both games in Week 4 should solidify a good spot for the second round-robin. However, it looks unlikely given their current form. Hopefully, Vitality will bounce back from the struggles they have had.

7. Astralis

This team is turning a lousy Spring split into an excellent Summer split thus far. The addition of veteran players has really stabilized the team and given the rookies a direction to move towards. Jeonghoon seems like an excellent young support player, and Dajor is coming into his own. Only good things for Astralis from now on after their abysmal split last time.

There are still things to work on to make the playoffs, but it’s a rough two weeks for Astralis. They play some of the top teams in the LEC, which might be an 0-4 run. However, that should be a problem as long as they beat the teams they are supposed to. The main game to watch for them is against Vitality. If they can cause an upset, Astralis in the playoffs might be a real thing.

8. SK Gaming

SK is not in the greatest shape as well, as they are not quite the team they expect thus far. Their losses in Week 2 hurt as this team tries to find an identity. However, it is clear that changes are needed at some point so let’s see where that ends.

They also have a rough two weeks to look forward to as they play four of the top teams of the LEC. So things are not going to get easy for SK going forward.

9. Team BDS

BDS ends at ninth on the list, but we would not be surprised if they go higher in the coming weeks. This team had a horrendous week one but bounced back in Week 2 as they beat G2 and fought Fnatic to the death. The coaching staff is pulling their weight, and BDS should be a decent team going forward. For them, anything that is not last place is a good step forward, and we can see this team is going somewhere.

Facing XL, RGE, and MAD is not fun, but they should win the series against Misfits, given their recent week. It’s a trend upwards for BDS, so it will be interesting to see how far they go.

10. Misfits Gaming

How the mighty have fallen. The Spring Split surprise in Misfits has taken quite a nosedive thus far. MSF has a lot to figure out as they try to find a place in this split. Week 2 got them their first win, but it was not that convincing. While their best player, Vetheo, has acknowledged the responsibility he bears, it is not easy to be in these circumstances.

Week 3 and 4 will not get more accessible, particularly Week 4, as they are set to face MAD and Fnatic. Misfits have to find form and fast if they want to keep playoff hopes alive. They have to get at least 7th to get a playoff seed, given how the LEC does it. Hopefully, we can see this team bouncing back.

In Conclusion

The upcoming two weeks will solidify the rankings for the LEC Summer Split for the rest of the first round robin. After that, it will be a race of who gets the top four seed. At this point, Excel, MAD and G2 look like the three best teams, but this could change. Let’s hope we will see some great games in the LEC in Week 3. Week 3 of the LEC kicks off on Friday as BDS faced MSF in the opening game.

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