LCK Summer 2022 Power Rankings for Week 3 & 4

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Two weeks of games have passed, and we are presenting our power rankings for Weeks 3 and 4 of Summer 2022.

While LCK has been one of the slowest regions in-game time, we are getting a fair bit of action. The top four teams stay strong despite DAMWON KIA’s stumble in Week 2. Hence, the LCK is going as projected for the most part. Therefore, let’s discuss how we amended our power rankings after the first two weeks of LCK Summer 2022.

Power Rankings for Week 3 & 4.

As mentioned earlier, the top four teams remained steady for the most part. T1, Gen.G, and DRX keep their streak, but DK stumbled to Gen.G and T1. Meanwhile, KDF and BRO are spiraling downwards so far. With all that said, this is our power rankings for the upcoming two weeks.

1. T1

For now, T1 will remain at the top of the LCK. They have not slipped up, and their 2-0 against DK was dominant. T1 has had no problems adapting to the meta and is in good form. While they beat DK convincing, DK is not in a great state, so T1’s status as the top team remains in question. However, until any other team beats T1, they will stay at the top of the LCK.

Week 3 and 4 will pit T1 against Gen.G and DRX, both in fine form. If T1 wins against both those teams, we can easily say that T1 is the best team in the LCK for another split.

2. Gen.G

After losing T1 in the Spring Finals 2022, Gen.G started really well in the first two weeks of the Summer Split. Despite the 2-1 win against DK, Gen.G looks like a dominant team thus far. They are active in the early game, always looking for First Bloods and getting the advantage early. However, what makes Gen.G deadly is their mid-game. They take the game by literally exerting themselves on their opponent regardless of circumstances.

Their Kill to Death ratio is the highest amongst all the teams in the major regions, so it’s crazy how Gen.G plays. Week 4 will be the test for Gen.G as they face T1 and DRX that week. That week could cement Gen.G at the top or put them on third. We will have to wait until next week to see how that pans out.

3. DRX

The third team on the list is DRX. They have looked excellent thus far, with Kingen and Zeka stepping up in this split. DRX has had a relatively easy week 1 and 2, and their results show that. Despite that, we can see that the team has taken the next step, with many players stepping up and the team playing more cohesively.

The following two weeks are the toughest for DRX amongst the top 4 teams as they play T1, Gen.G, and DK. Thus, they could easily catapult to first if they win the three series or fall to fourth if they lose all three. Therefore, it will be a pivotal week for DRX for the rest of the split.


DK lands at fourth after the first two weeks of games. They stumbled against Gen.G and lost to T1 badly. Even with the 2-1 loss to Gen.G, that series did not look close. So, the next two weeks will be about finding momentum with the team.

DK as a team has a lot of issues. Even with Nuguri returning and them being more robust in the top lane, the team has some strange mid-game calls, making wrong decisions throughout the game. There are a lot of things that DK needs to fix to be in contention for the top spot.

The big test for DK left for the first round-robin is against DRX in week 4. The plan should be to build momentum in Week 3 to face DRX to take them down. If they win against DRX, that should solidify their position in 3rd place in the LCK for the time being.

5. Nongshim RedForce

NS’ Week 1 was horrible, but they salvaged that with Week 2. Even then, Week 1 was a tough slate of games to start the split with, given they had to play DRX and T1. However, they bounced back in Week 2 and deservedly so, as the fans expect this team to make playoffs. They have some talented players and have no excuses if they don’t make it in.

Week 3 will be another tough week for this team as they face Gen.G and DK. After that, Week 4 should be relatively more straightforward, and the expectation should be that they win out. If they don’t, the middle of the LCK keeps getting murkier.


LSB surprising comes in at 6th as the team has taken another step forward on the back of Croco. Croco has been making a real name since the last split. So far, they have beaten teams around their position but lost to the likes of T1 and DK, which is understandable. However, we could see LSB making a play for the playoffs if this keeps up.

Week 3 has them playing DRX, which is rough, but with the upward trajectory, they should be in play to win the rest of the three series they have. LSB is undoubtedly making the LCK enjoyable in terms of the playoff race

7. KT Rolster

Seventh on our list is none other than KT. They have had a rough start, given they played Gen.G and T1 in We k 1. However, losing to LSB is a bit of a shock, and they should not let this spiral into a losing streak. They are still not that far from the top 6 and should be there when it’s all said and done. However, on the positive side, they gave T1 a run for their money so that we could see this team’s potential.

Week 3 starts them off with a challenging game against DK. They should be competitive for the rest of the games and win at least 2 of them. If they can, KT remains strong for a playoff spot

8. Kwangdong Freecs

Yet another start of the split where KDF plummets the beginning of the split. Their tendencies have reared their ugly head as they start 1-3. The only win is against HLE, who might be the worst team in the LCK. Besides that, there isn’t much to say about the team positively. The team seems limited on what they can do, and Ellim is undoubtedly a limiting factor.

Week 3 is not easy for them as it’s the top two teams they have to face. Week 4 might be the week when KDF has to start on a winning streak to stay competitive in Summer

9. Fredit Brion

BRO is back around the bottom again, which is sad to see. They had a solid split in Spring, but they have regressed so far in Summer. It feels like they have a wrong read on the patch and are playing way too slow, causing teams with superior talent to win against them. What BRO does well is playing as a team, working together, and making the game slow does not immensely help the cause.

However, there is a caveat to that. BRO has already played Gen.G, DRX, and DK, which means they can ascend as they win against teams around their prospective ranking. With just one series against T1, their aim should be to go 3-1 to salvage the first two weeks’ wreckage.

10. Hanwha Life Esports

Lastly, we have HLE, who remain competitive in games, but cannot muster a series win. It’s all about trending upwards, and HLE is certainly doing that. However, it is not enough when so many teams are more talented than HLE. It’s a building-up year for HLE, so let’s hope HLE does develop for the following year.

In Conclusion

Thus, this is our power rankings after we have seen from Weeks 1 and 2 of LCK Summer 022. Week 3 brings us some outstanding games, particularly for the bottom end of the top 6. Let’s hope we see some great games this week of the LCK as Week 3 starts on Wednesday with LSB vs DRX.

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