LEC Spring Split 2022 Update

LEC 2022 Spring Split is set to start on the 14th as the teams will be playing online for the start of the split.

The LEC is coming back and fans have been awaiting to watch these teams compete. A lot of fans and players are awaiting the start of the split to showcase their talents. With all that said, the LEC has provided us an update on how the split will be held. Here is what we know thus far.

Teams To Play Remotely For The Start Of The Spring Split

For the start of the split the LEC will be held online for the safety of the players. With the new Covid-19 variant being very infectious, Germany has faced a lot of cases. Thus, the LEC has taken the decision to start off the split with teams playing from their own facilities.

As their statement iterates, teams will be playing remotely for the start of the split. Also, they will be monitoring the situation on a week by week basis to determine a proper timeline for when players can return to the Berlin studio.

With this announcement, the conversation has already begun with a lot of debating going on in that very Twitter thread. Make no mistake, the LEC would be doing starting the split offline if they could help it. However, with so many representatives of teams that come to the studio including players, coaches, team staff and the broadcast staff themselves, it will be extremely hard to contain the spread of the virus.

Also, given the restriction in Germany, this is the right call to kick off the split. Whether the situation improves in the coming weeks will be the main factor here as to when the teams return onstage. Credit to the LEC team to get ahead of the curve and be transparent in their approach to health and safety protocols.

The LEC will being on the 14th of January with a Super Week in the very first week of the Spring Split.

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