Biggest Storylines To Follow For LPL Spring Split 2022

Shadman Sabik Zaim
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In this article, we will talk about our five storylines to follow for the Spring Split of LPL 2022.

The LPL will be back in a few days from now as we await another action packed split for the region. Like any preseason changes, teams often change their rosters as well going into the following year. Barring EDward Gaming, Worlds 2021 Champions, every other team has made a change. With changes comes in storylines and narratives for each split or season. It’s no different now as a wholesale number of changes have happened in many rosters. Let’s dive into that and talk about some key storylines.

The storylines we have included are storylines we perceive as being the top narratives to follow this split. Here are our five storylines.

1. Can the Bilibili Gaming Superteam Succeed?

Unsurprisingly, the first one surrounds a team that includes possibly the best LPL player ever in Uzi. Uzi’s return is an injection of happiness as a great of the LPL returns to play once more. The team has done great in building up a team that can compete at the highest of levels in potentially the strongest region when weighed together.

However, with superteams comes questions and the biggest question is whether this works. Uzi has not played competitively for a while now and his return, while great, does raise some questions regarding whether he can still play at the highest level. Also, with every superteam, the question of resource allocation always arises.

Many superteams do not work as there are not enough resources to spread around the map and the jungler cannot be everywhere at the same time. This might be an issue for BLG considering Breathe and FoFo are two of the best players in their respective roles and Uzi is the greatest ADC to play in the LPL. One of these 3 laners/duo will have to simply take a backseat.

With every successful team in winning trophies, there is generally a lane which plays weakside or safe. BLG will have to figure that process out in order to succeed. If things don’t work well early, we might see Doggo playing at one point as well. It will be an interesting split to follow BLG.

2. Can DoinB Ascend LNG Esports To The Promise Land?

The next narrative is DoinB joining LNG Esports. LNG excelled last year with Tarzan and Ale carrying the helm for the team. However, as Worlds was an indication, icon was a liability at times. That did hurt them at Worlds and in some games in the LPL.

With the signing of DoinB, that changes things for the team. Having one of the top 3 mid laners in the region is a boon for this team. DoinB has shown in the last 3 years that he is capable of carrying the team and playing for his team when needed. That versatility is a massive boost for this LNG squad which needs it.

Tarzan has proven to be in many people’s opinions, the best jungler in the LPL. Meanwhile, Ale has gained quite the fame with his performances last year and in the Demacia Cup last month. They also acquired LvMao to potentially play games for them and this squad looks pretty stacked. The question with them will be execution and competing with the likes of EDG for the title. They have the roster to pull it off but time will only tell if they can.

3. Brothers Separated: TheShy and Rookie

For people who haven’t followed the LPL offseason, TheShy and Rookie are no longer on Invictus Gaming. Not only that, they have also joined different teams with TheShy joining Weibo Gaming and Rookie joining Victory 5. Obviously, the storyline will be whether they can perform on different teams.

TheShy goes into a team that was successful in 2020. However, last year was a mixed back for Weibo Gaming (previously Suning). SoFM did not play his best and the bot lane between ON and huanfeng never really clicked. On the bright side, huanfeng showed he is one of the best ADCs in the LPL and Angel had a great season.

With Bin not extending with WBG, they decided to trade him to RNG. Whether that is the right call or not is a conversation for another day. Getting TheShy sounds nice, but it comes with a lot of baggage. TheShy did not play well last year and some people were writing him off already. However, he is on a new team now and with new teammates. He should be very motivated to perform and show whether he still has it in him to show why he is still highly regarded as a player.

Rookie on the other hand, is at the last part of his career. He was not the Rookie of old last year but there was a lot of turmoil in IG. With a new environment, he should play much better and more like the Rookie we are more accustomed to. V5 has constructed a better team and talent to potentially make a playoff run. With veterans like Karsa and Rookie in the team, this team will be worth watching at the very least.

For both Rookie and TheShy, it’s about proving whether they still have it in them to perform at the highest level. Now leaving behind the turmoil of IG, it is now up to the both of them to keep forging their legacy in this upcoming season.

4. Can RNG And EDG Keep It Up?

RNG and EDG were undoubtedly the two best teams last season. EDG won Worlds 2021 in a stellar fashion while RNG dominated MSI 2021. While EDG remains unchanged as a roster, they still bringing in a roster battle-tested and proven to be amongst the elite teams of the LPL.

RNG had its flaw in the mid lane, and they have addressed that this offseason. With Xiaohu going back to mid lane and Bin coming in as the new top laner, this breathes in new life for the team. Bin is an exceptional top laner despite him not playing his best last year. This team provides Bin a strong roster with excellent players around him to succeed. There is no reason for this team to not be at the top of the league.

The same argument can be made for EDG. However, since 2019, the LPL has not sent the same representatives to Worlds so this will be on EDG’s mind. EDG also lost their head coach to RNG so that will be an interesting thing to look out for. Despite that, EDG has the roster to be the top of the league once more and there is little debate to be had whether anyone would be surprised if they did.

With all of that said, these are in our opinion, two of the strongest teams going into the LPL Spring Split, and we could potentially see them facing off each other in the LPL Spring Split Finals.

5. Can Top Esport Return To Their Former Glory?

Top Esports are back at a point of conversation as they recently won the Demacia Cup. Although a minor achievement with many teams not fielding their best team, it is still a good achievement to start off the year. They brought in Zoom, one of the best LPL top laners, and Tian, a World Champion, this team is set to rise to the top once more.

This team has the talent to do so. Knight was spectacular last year but his team did not perform well enough for him to make Worlds. JackeyLove had a down year last season and with a Demacia Cup win, he should be much better compared to last year at the very least. Tian and Zoom brings in some stability for this team which at times has been rather erratic. With that influx of stability, we could see a better version of TES.

Whether that is enough to beat teams the likes of RNG, EDG, etc. is yet to be seen. However, if you were to tally them up against other rosters, they could easily make it happen and that is the mystique of Top Esports. It will be quite the journey for them this year as they pursue to go to the top of the LPL once more this year.

In Conclusion

Therefore, these are the five storylines you should watch out for in the upcoming season. There is a lot of action to be seen in the LPL as always with some many players in new teams. That always ramps up the excitement for fans. LPL is set to start on Monday, 10th of January.

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