Leaks Suggest LoL 2023 Summer Event Will Not Include Any Visual Novels

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

As the massive summer 2023 event is on the horizon, leaks suggest that this event won’t include any visual novels.

Every year during summer, Riot releases a huge event in League of Legends. These events include many new skins, new event pass, and some extra content.

Last year’s summer event was the Star Guardian event. And the year before that was the Ruination, and then before that was the Spirit Blossom event. All of these events were hugely ambitious and had many things in common. These include the release of a high number of skin, even a limited-time game mode, an event pass, and for today’s topic, a visual novel.

Riot first added a visual novel in 2019 with the first Spirit Blossom event. It was a very short story. Additionally, the only purpose of that visual novel was so players could understand the Spirit Blossom champions properly. Players could complete the entire story within hours because it was a short story. Overall, it was an excellent addition to the game.

As players were able to complete the story quickly, Riot made many negative changes to the Ruination event. In this event, they again released a visual novel; however, the story and plot progression was locked behind time. This change upset the community and made the visual novel forgettable. And then Riot again released a visual novel for the 2022 iteration of Star Guardian. Because of the fatigue with visual novels, most players didn’t even give it a chance.

With that being said, many players expected that this year’s summer event would also include a visual novel. However, the well-known League of Legends leaker, BigBadBear, confirmed that a visual novel wouldn’t be released this year.

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League of Legends: No Visual Novels In Summer 2023 Event

Not too long ago, the leaker revealed that this year’s summer event skin would be called “Soul Fighters.” It would release alongside the 2v2v2v2 game mode. However, no one knew what else Riot could release regarding side content.

Recently, BigBadBear released a video about the Soul Fighter skin line. In that video, he talked about potential champions candidate for the upcoming skin line. Moreover, he also revealed that there won’t be any visual novels released this year.

Instead, Riot would release a game mode similar to the exclusive mode in the OCE server, Cupcakes 4 Heartaches. In this game mode, players can play League of Legends normally to earn various rewards like Hextech Chests, keys, etc.

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