League player shows how Singed can clear the jungle without a leash while having full HP

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League of Legends player shows a great jungle path for Singed that allows him to clear the camps without any kind of leash while having a full HP.

At the start of Season 10, Jungle received some prominent buffs which allowed both the power farming and early game junlgers to be viable equally in the game. Regardless of the type of champions they are playing, junglers always try to clear their camp as fast and as efficiently as possible to utilize their pressures properly.

Graves, Karthus, Olaf, Lillia, and some others might be the meta champions who have fast jungle clear, but recently a Reddit user u/phylaris found out that off-meta champion Singed has fairly good jungle clear as well.

He went into the Practice Tool to figure out the effective way to clear the jungle as Singed and found that Singed can clear five jungle camps by the time 3.11 with no leash while having full HP as well.

u/phylaris started his path ‘Q’ing the Wolves to trigger their aggro while he runs toward the Blue buff and starts clearing both the Blue and Gromp at the same time. As he was getting aggroed by three different camps, Hunter’s Talisman was giving him some adequate amount of health restoration. After killing both Blue and Gromp he finally kills the Wolves while he runs toward clearing his Red side.

By the time he reaches the Red side he was already level 3. In order to clear the Red side, he also did a similar thing that he did with his Blue side. He triggered the Raptors aggro with he Q while he tries to clear the Red buff. As he didn’t kill the Raptors, he was again getting some good amount healing thanks to the Hunter’s Talisman.

After finishing off the Red, he again returned to the Raptors to clear it as soon as possible. And with this new jungle path, he was able to clear five jungle camps by the time of 3.11. For this jungle clear he took Predator, Cheap Shot, Eyeball, and Ravenous Hunter as his primary rune and Nimbus and Celerity as his secondary rune.

This clear might not be as fast as other meta jungle champion, but from the 2021 Preseason where there will be no cost in Jungle items, Singed will definitely be a campion to watch in Season 11.

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